Amazon has the greatest customer service. I order from them all the time and usually things arrive efficiently and very quickly.

Every now and then there is an item I want that cannot be shipped to Hawaii. When this happens I usually don’t order it.

However, as I am going to California the day after tomorrow, I did order a couple of items and had them shipped to my daughters house. I will pick them up when I get there.

Amazon sends a survey to see when everything arrived. I said, I didn’t know if it had arrived as they do not ship to Hawaii and why not? Hawaii is closer to Hong Kong than California (or New York).

This is the reply I just received.

Dear Sandra Conrad ,
Thanks for your business

It’s our pleasure to service you
Via your feedback,you are not satisfied with our service
Hope you can kindly understand
what’s more, you are our valued customer, no matter what happends, we’d like to try our best to solve the problem
For this inconvenience, if you like, we can refund or resend another upon your preference
But which one do you prefer to?

We will very appreciate for your highly cooperation
Looking forward to your early reply
Best regards

————- End message ————-

Then I wrote the following answer:

I would prefer another set. If you could send to me at my address in Hawaii. Sandra Conrad, 1600 Ala Moana Blvd. 308, Honolulu, HI 96815  Thank you, if not, then please refund.

Now here is their reply to my reply.

Please rest assured that your enquiry will be answered promptly between 24hours
We are sincere to help you
So please wait patiently
hope your coorpation and comprehension
Please keep in mind we are closed weekends so its possible you send us
a message Friday
afternoon and will get a response the following Monday.
Best Regards
Warm Mart–Ship From Hong Kong

And now for the final letter: Ta Da.

Dear Sandra Conrad
Thank you for your business

OK, please don’t worry

We will resend for you within 1 working days

it will take about 8 working days

So please wait patiently

Thank God for e-mail. Imagine if this whole incident happened before the age of the computer. Of course I wouldn’t be ordering merchandise ‘online’. I might be ordering from a catalog, and customer service replies could take weeks.