I have a favorite cookbook. It is called ‘From Generation to Generation’ and is a compilation of recipes from the Jewish women of Dallas, Texas.

Every single recipe in the book is somebody’s best thing. Really wonderful. Not really ‘Jewish’ food, but Jewish women are great cooks and these are the Best of the Best.

If you do want some actual Jewish food recipes, there is a section in the book for this. If you want to order this cookbook you can order it online from the Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-El, Dallas Texas. The listing is under the gift shop Judaic Treasures.

I think it was $15.95 and as the shop is run by volunteers, the money goes to women and children charities and hospitals in Dallas and around the world. This book makes a wonderful gift.

Yesterday I made some peanut butter cookies. They came out rather tasteless and I decided to make them into crumbs and doctor them up for a pie crust. I added some pecans and a little sugar/cinnamon and whirled them in the food processor.

Then I pressed them into a spring form pan. I buttered the pan first but there was plenty of butter in the cookies, so I didn’t add any more.

Now for the filling. I didn’t have any cream cheese but I did have cottage cheese, so I started looking through my many cookbooks. I found this recipe for Elece’s Fruit Cheesecake. It is basically a cooked egg/sugar/gelatin with cottage cheese/crushed pineapple and maraschino cherries.

Then you fold in some whipping cream, but I didn’t have that, so I used Cool Whip.

I didn’t have any cherries, so I used cut up strawberries. The only thing I would do next time, is to run the cottage cheese through the food processor to smooth it, before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.

It is still good, even without this step.