‘Only one’ refers to only one elevator working in our 41 story condo tower. I am so angry, I feel like screaming.

Yesterday I cleaned out my huge walk in closet. I decided it was time. I looked through my clothes and realized I had items that I haven’t worn in years, items I have received as gifts which I hate, and even a few things dating back to 1984.

I also have a gift and gift wrap department in my closet and as I like to shop, I shop all year for birthday and Christmas presents. This takes up the entire end of my closet.

Time to purge. Last time, I was meek. I only threw out about twenty things that didn’t fit, or I didn’t particularly like. Last night I threw out everything that was a color I didn’t love, or a neckline that was unflattering.

Plus just about everything that was over a decade old. I still have a couple of favorite jackets from 1980 and my gorgeous Larry Mahan boots that I have had for seventeen years.

For some reason, I had in the back of my closet about a dozen aloha shirts that belonged to my husband who died in 2004. I figure it is time to get rid of those.

All in all about one hundred items. (no wonder my closet was jammed)

So today I had a total of two huge suitcases and ten garbage bags of clothing and hangers to take to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

I figured three or four trips to the car would be necessary. I live in a high rise and fortunately on the third floor. My car  is in the parking garage three floors down.

And guess what? Only one elevator was working today, and not very well. One has been out of commission for a while, as Otis is redoing it. That will take months and so we only had two working anyway. Bad enough

One wouldn’t go to the parking level today and the other one is verrrry slow. So I got in one elevator, went down one floor and had to transfer to the one that went to the parking level, one floor below.  The second elevator was ‘stuck’ on the upper floors.

This building was built in 1968 and the elevators are antiquated. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I were living in a single story house with no elevator. I long for the days when all I had to do was to pull into my garage and go through the door to the kitchen.

Now it is such a hassle just to bring in the groceries. Not only do you have to open a security door, wait for the elevator, and hope it will stop on your floor; then some brilliant person put three steps at the end of our hallway. Very nice when trying to get a shopping cart up the steps, especially when you have just been to Costco.

There, I’ve done my venting for the day. I feel better already.

The good news is that when I came home from my day of charity donations and shopping two of the three elevators were working. Hooray!