Jury acquits man accused in Palama stomping death

Only in Hawaii. This is the guy who was so high on meth that his defense was, “I don’t know where I was, but I know I wasn’t there”.

And if you read the article, you will see where the jury deliberated just a few hours to come to this decision. I am soooo disgusted with our criminal justice system.

And to think that this guy is now back on the street. I’m sure his lawyer got him ‘cleaned up’ for court, but he has various scars on his face, which most likely came from some previous fights. (Just my opinion)

By Star-Advertiser staff

POSTED: 02:30 p.m. HST, Apr 30, 2012
LAST UPDATED: 02:34 p.m. HST, Apr 30, 2012



Defendant Vito John Talo appeared in Circuit Court during trial in this April file photo. Talo has been found not guilty in the second degree murder of Damaso Domingo, 54, who died after his head was repeatedly stomped upon on January 13, 2009.

A Circuit Court jury acquitted a 28-year-old man of a murder charge today in the brutal beating of a man on School Street near Lanakila Avenue early Jan. 13, 2009.

The jury found Vito John Talo not guilty in the death of Damaso Domingo, 54, who was beaten so badly he wasn’t recognized by his daughter, an intensive care doctor, when he was taken to Queen’s Medical Center.

Domingo died two days later.

The prosecution charged that Talo repeatedly stomped on the victim.

Talo did not testify, but his defense was that he was not at the scene.

The jury deliberated for about an hour Friday and about a half day today.

If you had been following the story, the beating was about a drug deal. Evidently the victim intervened when the woman he was with smoking meth, paid $7 (yes you read that right), and didn’t get her drugs. Now I have heard of drug dealers ripping off their customers, but to get murdered over $7?

The only time I was ever held up, it was equally stupid. A guy with a toy plastic gun (which looked real) held my husband and me up for 25 cents. Some people across the street witnessed the ‘hold up’ and called the cops. It took them about twenty seconds to apprehend the criminal.

I never followed the case, but imagine going to jail for the hold up of 25 cents, committed with the aid of a Mattel pistol?