Being born and raised in Hawaii, I have always loved coconut. Besides eating it in all forms, I also love the fragrance in candles and bubble bath.

Recently I purchased a diffuser in the coconut/vanilla blend. For those of you not familiar with a diffuser, it is a bottle of fragrant oil with about eight wooden sticks emerging from the mouth. The sticks absorb the aroma and send it out into the room.

But for the best taste in coconut, here you go: Take a bag of plain coconut, the type from Bakers or Mounds.

Spread it thinly on a big pan or baking sheet. Set your oven to 250 and bake the coconut for about ten minutes. Watch it carefully and keep stirring. When it is golden brown it is almost done. Turn oven off and let it sit till the coconut is fully dry.

Now for the best ice cream sundaes ever… My favorite is Hagen Dazs coffee or vanilla, topped with Kahlua or Starbucks coffee liquor and generously sprinkled with toasted coconut.

For a more Hawaiian touch, you could add chunks of pineapple also.

If you prefer chocolate ice cream, this works well also. And if you are a hot fudge fan, toasted coconut adds that special touch. Again, if you like pineapple, you can add a few chunks to this one too.

Now if that sounds too unhealthy, you can just sprinkle some on your granola for breakfast. The coconut is already sweetened, so you won’t need any more sugar.

By the way cold cereal is delicious with Almond Breeze unsweetened original almond milk. (no cholesterol and no icky soy milk taste)