I have been a big fan of peanut butter my whole life. I was raised on Skippy. I think that was the only choice way back when. Now when you go to the market, there is a peanut butter aisle.

I like the Skippy creamy. But wait, there are better peanut butters out there. Next along came Jiff. This was Proctor and Gambles bid for their share of the peanut butter market way back in the 60’s.

I never cared for Jiff. I think it has honey in it. I like honey with my peanut butter, but I like to add it myself. One of my favorite peanut butter sandwiches is made with fresh white bread, spread with butter on both sides. On one side you put peanut butter and on the other side, honey. Then a nice wedge of iceberg lettuce in between.

You can also make this with rye bread or egg bread. And if you aren’t into the lettuce part, this is good on a toasted English muffin.

If you aren’t only into peanut butter sandwiches, you can make peanut butter cookies. There was a famous drive inn here in Hawaii called KC Drive Inn. Their specialty was a peanut butter milk shake. Too bad they are no longer around, or I would visit them every week.

You could probably duplicate this simply by adding a big glob of peanut butter to a vanilla milk shake. Couldn’t hurt to add a couple of spoons of malted milk powder. (This was very popular in the days when people didn’t know what a fat gram was)

After trying Skippy and Jiff, I went on to more sophisticated brands like Peter Pan and Laura Scudders. I have to confess, I like them all.

But today I found The Winner! Adams. I like the creamy unsalted, but it also comes in chunky. This brand is 100% natural and has oil on top of the jar when you open it. You can stir it, but just turn the jar upside down between uses and Voila! No oil.

If you have nothing to do one day, you can actually make your own from scratch. You need skinless raw peanuts for this and you roast them in the oven for ten to twenty minutes, stirring now and then, before you grind them up in the food processor with a little olive oil. And you can add a little honey, if you like your peanut butter sweet.

Or, next time you go to Whole Foods or a health food market you can ‘make your own’ out of their peanut butter machine, simply using their peanuts. This way you don’t have a big mess to clean up. Safeway super stores have a nut butter section and you can make your own almond or cashew butter as well.

And if all this sounds just too too healthy, you can always whip up some peanut brittle. It is very easy to make. You can find lots of simple recipes online. The secret is after melting the sugar mixture, you add a little baking soda. And use two forks when stretching the mixture over a big pan. Do NOT touch until it is cool and hard. Thus brittle.