First I would like to make a correction for a blog I wrote a couple of days ago. I had recommended Tumeric and when I checked with my pharmacist, she said not to take that if you are taking blood thinners, which I am. The two do not mix.

I also asked about grapefruit, as I am no longer taking a statin, and hooray, I can have that again. It’s been over ten years since I have had grapefruit. Darn, I don’t think grapefruit is in season. Double Darn, I think I threw out my set of grapefruit spoons.

OK> Now for the fun stuff…

Yesterday I went to an Easter Brunch and one of the guests was wearing the most fabulous necklace. When I asked her about it, she told me it is from a website called Bendable

I was afraid to ask the price, but she said it was very reasonable. As I had seen her drive up in a 2012 Jaguar, I wasn’t quite sure what her idea of ‘reasonable’ was.

First thing this morning, I did my search. The one she was wearing was gunmetal, rust and silver mix. That one was out of stock. (I am on the wait list for that one). But they did have rust/silver and gunmetal/ silver, so I got both of those.

These are one continuous coil that can be twisted in jillions of ways. You can do a simple twist, or even wind it around to make it look like a rose. It is totally free form and would even make a good art piece on a table.

Or you could twist it around a tall vase. The possibilities are endless if you have a creative streak. You could also twist it around a few times and make an unusual bracelet for either your wrist or upper arm.

As I ordered two of the rust/silver, I could twist these around a pair of boots or add decorations to a plain pair of shoes. You could turn a pair of shoes into ‘ankle straps’ or Mary Janes.

Or not. Just be traditional and use as a necklace.

I plan to keep one at my desk as a ‘relaxation’ piece to use when I am trying to think of something to blog about.

These were each $19.99. But with a $50 purchase you get free shipping so I selected another one. This one is silver with colored beads. Fun.

This style was $24.99. Now there was another special. If you buy three necklaces, you get a fourth one free. My kind of deal. So I added another rust/silver to the mix. I can twist my two rust/silver ones together to make a long necklace or a belt.

Now I am all set for my necklace inventory. These are such a conversation piece and really look like a lot more than the price. (Plus there is no clasp to fiddle with).

Total for my four necklaces including shipping was less than $65. These can be necklaces, bracelets, and two can make a great belt. Perfect for travel and they don’t get all tangled up in your jewelry box.

I think these would make great a Christmas present for the ‘woman who has everything’. I bet she doesn’t have one of these.