April 15, 1912 was the day that the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic, after hitting an iceberg. Next week will be the 100th anniversary of that fateful day.

I have always been fascinated with the history surrounding this event. I have seen the James Cameron movie with Kate Winslet and Leo de Caprio. Now I am anxious to see the 3D version, which is playing in two theaters here.

Tonight I am going to the musical Titanic at the Diamond Head theater. For those of you readers who don’t live in Hawaii and are not familiar with our theaters here, DHT has been around for over fifty years. It is a small theater by mainland standards, and every seat is OK.

I was very lucky to get two tickets for tonight’s performance. I called the box office at nine this morning and asked if there were two senior tickets available. Seats are $42, $22, and $12.

The woman said, “Oh, we just got a cancellation for two $12 seats in Row J.” Those are really good seats. They are on the side, but I have sat in every section and it will be fine. Voila!

I don’t know how they can make a musical out of such a grim event, but I am looking forward to seeing it. We get really good shows in Hawaii now. Even Wicked is coming to our little island in the fall/November. (forgot we don’t have ‘fall’ here)

All my life, I have dressed for whatever event I am going to. I try to pick up something from the era. I happen to own a necklace which is an exact replica, of the famous necklace from the Titanic. If you saw the movie, you will recognize the blue heart on a diamond ‘chain’.

I found this in a shop in Las Vegas many years ago.

Usually I am the only person at any event who dresses up. These days people seem to ‘dress down’ when they go out. What fun is that?

The other night Peter and I went to the Hawaii symphony. He wore black slacks and a long sleeved shirt. I wore a long skirt and matching top. The first person I noticed as we entered the concert hall, was a woman about seventy wearing purple shorts and a purple tee shirt.

Almost all the men were wearing short sleeve aloha shirts and looked like they had just come from the office. We have a joke here in Hawaii, as many of the banks have their ‘own’ Hawaiian pattern shirt. You can tell where someone works by their aloha shirt design.

I don’t know if this trend to have Casual Friday every single day, is as prevalent in other cities, or just here. There used to be a ‘dress code’ for clubs and restaurants. Now it seems that just about anything goes.

I remember back in 1965 being turned away at my favorite Waikiki restaurant, Canlis. I was wearing the ‘latest thing’. A black silk pantsuit. It seems that in those days, women were not allowed into a fine restaurant in slacks.

On the Titanic, the women were in long gowns for dinner. During the recent ship disaster off of Italy, one woman went to her cabin to change out of her dinner clothes so when she had to abandon ship, she would be more comfortable.

I probably would have done that also.

As for the Titanic, just think of all the women who passed up desert that night. I even have a needlepoint pillow that says, “Life is Uncertain, Eat Desert First”.