Here is a handy dandy way to reorder your prescriptions. First you put the CVS pharmacy app on your phone. This is a a free app. Just go to CVS pharmacy to select.

Now select pharmacy, reorder prescription on the choices given. Then check ‘scan bottle’. A little box will appear on your phone screen. Simply scan the bar code on your pill bottle. Make sure the whole code appears in the box. This is like taking a photo. (but there is nothing to press or click)

Then it will ask you if you wish to scan another bottle. If you have an Extra Care card from CVS, it is always good to get two refills at the same time, ’cause then you get double points on your card.

Every three months you get a ‘reward’ based on how much you have spent in the past quarter. Be careful, as this is printed on the bottom of your receipt the day it becomes valid. (Usually the clerk will draw this to your attention).

It’s not a lot. Something like 1% of whatever you spent. So if you spend $100 a month, that is $3. Of course double points add up faster.

It will say something like, “You have $6.87 credit”. I always go back and buy something right away, as I know I would misplace this slip, or throw it away accidentally.

Just make sure the item you buy is at least as much as the credit. A little over is OK. You can just pay the difference. Today I got a $3.50 reward. So I went back and bought two cans of garbanzo beans and two cans of tomato soup on sale for 99 cents each. Total cost 48 cents.

Once the scan is received, you will get a message that says ‘scan done’. Now if this is your first time using this, you will have to type in your name and email address.

CVS app will fill in the store number and all the other blanks for  you.

Then a little pickup time chart appears. You can put in the date and hour you want to pick up your order. Voila.

Now about ten seconds later you will get an email from CVS confirming all of this information.

It’s just too bad they don’t deliver.