I haven’t used Sensodyne toothpaste in over twenty years. As I had a sensitive tooth this week, I decided to buy a tube.

Tartar Control with Whitening

I had gone to the dentist and he found nothing seriously wrong, but still it was bothering me. I tried the ‘clove’ remedy and that worked immediately.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this ‘old wives’ fixit for a toothache, all you do is stick a whole clove between whatever teeth are hurting. The pain will go away instantly.

But still I thought I would start brushing with Sensodyne as a precaution. I recall that this used to come in a pink/blue tube and there was only one type.

When I got to CVS and the toothpaste aisle, there were three shelves of Sensodyne. Tartar control with Whitening, Plus Whitening, Cool Gel, Full Protection plus Whitening, Impact Fresh Breath, and a couple of others. I couldn’t decide.

This is worse than picking out a box of Ritz crackers these days, what with their less salt, low fat, reduced fat, low sodium, fat free, plus now there are peanut butter and cheese flavored varieties.

I read a few labels and finally settled on the Tartar control with Whitening. The good news is that all the varieties were ‘on sale’. The regular price was quite high for a tube of toothpaste. $7.59. Even on sale at $4.59, it didn’t seem like much of a bargain.

Luckily I had a bottle of cloves on hand. I think I’ve had the same bottle for two years. That is good, because last time I checked, a small jar of cloves cost close to $10.

I only use whole cloves to stick in a ham when I bake it. And as I had a heart attack not too long ago, ham is not on my list of foods I eat very often, if ever.

Back to the toothpaste. I think the taste has been improved, as I don’t recall if being quite as pleasant. I just think it is so funny that nowadays there are so many choices for just about everything we want to purchase.

The toothpaste aisle is just one example. Brands like Crest have at least two dozen different varieties. Between all the cleaning and whitening features and the many flavors varying from mint to cinnamon, it is quite a decision these days, just for one little mundane item.

I was looking at an ad for cell phones today. It was a Radio Shack ad and it was an entire page in the newspaper. There must have been six or seven styles of each major brand. All in all maybe fifty different phones, with various prices from Free to $299.

Features ranged from phones that have full keyboards for texting to phones that can tell you where the nearest florist is located. What is this world coming to?