Part of the fun of going to Costco is the food sampling throughout the store. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s it is a family affair with the kiddies. Everyone treats this as though they were going to a fair or a carnival.

By the time you have tried their cheese on crackers, little cups of yogurt and a slice of the pork jerky, it is time for a piece of their Belgian chocolates and an energy drink so you can continue shopping.

If little bits of this and that aren’t your ‘thing’, then there is a great selection at their ‘restaurant’ out front. This is best done before you go shopping, so you aren’t hungry as you go up and down their aisles.

I am partial to two items. One is the hot dog and 20 oz. soda for $1.50. This is a loooong hot dog and a refillable soda. It is always hot and delicious. This is probably their biggest seller.

Also their pizza is very good. You can get a slice, or take home a whole one for later.

As for desserts, there are several good ones. The Berry Berry sundae is nice on a hot summer day. (That would be nearly every day here in Hawaii).

I think my favorite is the Italian gelato three dip ice cream cone. This is served in a waffle cone and all three flavors are delicious. For $1.50, this is practically a meal in itself.

There are several sandwich and wrap meals that look pretty good, but I have never tried them. If a couple wanted to go ‘out’ to eat, they could get two very nice meals for less than $10.

Of course once you get into the store, you will find yourself picking up lots of good things to take home and eat. There are many salads and ready made dishes, so cooking really isn’t a necessary art any more.

Then if you want to ‘make it from scratch’, there are lots of easy things to make and bake. Probably the easiest, cheapest and best would be their russet potatoes.

These come in a twenty pound bag and there are usually about fourteen potatoes in each bag, so these are pretty huge. At $11.99 that is less than $1 per potato and one can serve two.

You may want to consider splitting a bag with a friend. And hopefully, someone will help you in getting this from your car to your kitchen.

When I bake these I scrub the potatoes and prick with a fork and then leave the fork inserted (to cook the center). Bake at 400 degrees for at least an hour, or until you squeeze the potato with a pot holder and it gives.

Always make an extra one to use for hash browns the next day, or to chop up for potato salad. There aren’t a lot of good tasting items that only cost sixty cents a pound.