Have you ever heard of redbox? I hadn’t until yesterday. For my birthday Peter gave me a new Apple TV and a BluRay disc player (along with forty bags of Gummi bears).

As I didn’t have any BluRay discs, I was going to go buy one at Walmart so I could test drive my new toy.

Then I heard about redbox. This is a large vending machine that dispenses DVD’s, BluRay discs, movies, TV shows and the like. Sort of like Netflix, but at your local drugstore or convenience store.

They don’t have an enormous selection, but probably most people could find something they would like to watch. I prefer Netflix and for $2 a month extra, you can request that your DVD selections will automatically come in BluRay, if they are made in that format.

As I have seen almost everything that redbox had to offer, I chose Warrior, which is sort of like Rocky but with Utimate fighting rather than boxing.

The story: There are two brothers who do not like each other and they wind up against each other in the final round of a sixteen man $5,000,000 winner takes all UFC tournament in Atlantic City.

And for my second choice Dream House with Daniel Craig. This one was not very good and I didn’t even watch till the end.

Like an ATM, there are many locations and once you have used it, it is pretty simple.

You simply choose the catagory you are interested in, and a screen comes on showing all the discs available in that group. You select the ones you want.

It is $1 a day for regular discs and $1.50 a day for BluRay. The machine tally’s your purchase, plus tax and asks you to swipe your credit card.

Then you just put in your zip code. Same drill as pumping your own gasoline. Then out of a side slot pop your discs, nicely sealed in their redbox case.

Then to return a disc you just slide it in the return slot. Just make sure the disc is ‘upside down’ in the case, or the machine will not accept it. Voila.

I think it is pretty handy, except the closest redbox to me is at Walgreens and they only have five parking places, so it is a pain to go there. Plus their ‘parking lot’ involves pulling in to the space and then to get out, you have to back out over a busy sidewalk filled with pedestrians. Think I’ll stick with Netflix.

P.S. If you don’t return it the next day, your card will be charged again. And this will go on until you have ‘paid in full’, after which the disc is yours to keep.