If you aren’t into corned beef and cabbage, green beer and such, you can celebrate St. Patricks Day with a good Irish TV series.Kevin, Shaun, Jimmy, Tommy and Jenny

Netflix streaming at only $7.99 a month is a real bargain, even if you only watched this one show this month. ‘The Black Donnellys’ is a thirteen part series. I ‘couldn’t put it down’ and saw the whole thing in one week.

If violence and tough guy stuff offends you, you better skip this one. However it is a great story and good writing and acting to boot.

The Pilot is a little confusing and I almost gave up in the middle. Since Peter encouraged me to watch it through the second episode, when it would all come together, I did.

Here is the story: Jimmy, who is the oldest, then Tommy who is the wisest, then Kevin who is the dumbest and Shaun who is the ‘beautiful baby’ are four Irish brothers who grow up in an all Irish neighborhood in New York City. The story really starts when they are around 20ish.

The brothers have always been tough and getting into trouble, but now due to Kevin’s gambling problem, they have gotten into trouble with the Italian mob.

Jimmy is a hot head junkie who besides using his fists and feet to fight is quick to pick up a gun or a knife. Tommy mostly uses words to get his point across, but is certainly not afraid to fight using all the usual methods plus he seems to have an affinity for baseball bats.

Kevin is Kevin, who everyone is trying to protect. And Shaun is the pretty boy, who almost wasn’t so pretty after getting beaten up badly by the Italians and winding up in ICU.

I don’t want to spoil the show for you by telling you what all happens, but there is a good ‘narrator’. Joey is a friend and cohort of the boys. He is included in most of their doings. The show starts (and ends) with Joey in jail.

He is about to testify at a grand jury hearing and is in jail for protective custody. He is the one who sort of ties all the strings together in this story.

Enjoy it. It is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day TV show. And like me, you will find yourself rooting for the Donnelly’s.