I am a big fan of oatmeal. I like it the plain old way. Cooked on top of the stove from scratch. I usually use Quaker’s but if I have something more elegant around, I will try that.

I only like the Old Fashioned oats and I think the little microwave packs that come in a miriad of flavors are awful. I accidently bought a box of Quick Oats and these are OK to use in cookies.

I just noticed that this familiar carton now has an Easy Pour feature. I hadn’t seen this before today and now my box is nearly empty. Well, I couldn’t find it. It says to look under the lid, but that is where the cookie recipe is.

Maybe I will write to Quaker Oats with a ‘complaint’ letter. When you do that, they usually send you a coupon for a FREE box of whatever it is they are selling. OK: I just tried to do that.

Quaker Oats is a very Old Fashioned company with NO Email address. But they did have a toll free phone number for questions. So I called and Erika was very sweet and helpful. No, we couldn’t find the Easy Pour feature, even together, so after reading her the bar code number and the expiration date, she apologized and offered to send me a coupon for a free box of oatmeal.

Peter laughs at all my free coupons for this and that and warns me that I may soon be on the ‘Do not send her a free coupon’ list. (I think companies like feedback about problems so they can fix them).

My favorite way to make oatmeal is simply to put a saucepan on the stove, put one and three quarters cup of water in pot, a little salt and one cup of old fashioned oats. Boil and stir and cook on medium until it is almost the right consistency. Cover pot for a few minutes.

Then serve with a big glob of butter (or if you are being heart healthy, a big glob of ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter‘) and some brown sugar. I used to put some real cream on top, but I don’t do that anymore.

This makes enough for two. The recipe for one is one cup water/half cup oatmeal. But I like a big bowl, so I make the larger amount just for me, and use however much I feel like. (Living large).

This reminds me of a book I read about sixty years ago, ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’. In this story, the family was very poor and never wasted anything. But the mother wanted to have the thrill of throwing something away, so every day she dumped the left over coffee in the coffee pot down the sink. This was her ‘rich’ self coming out.

The other thing I remember is that she made a bank out of her coffee can, and the family put pennies in it. This is how she did it, so nobody would be ‘tempted’ to raid the coffee can. With a tin snips she cut the top of the can across in two directions. Spread the tin triangles out and nailed them to the floor of her closet.

This was called a ‘star bank’. Then the bottom of the can became the top of the bank. One snip and there was a slot for the coins. And nobody could get into the bank.

I was going to try doing this once, but all my floors are ceramic tile or carpet and I have nothing to nail a coffee can to. Plus I use Starbucks VIA and this comes in little one shot packets.

As the oatmeal carton lid was just laying on the counter during my breakfast cooking, I was drawn to the recipe for Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. (This is pasted on the underside of the lid)

Yesterday I had  paid a visit to my cardiologist and as he is a great oatmeal booster, I thought he would be very pleased with me if I whipped up a batch.

To my horror, this heart friendly company, approved by the Heart Association etc., with a big red heart on the box had as their first ingredient, one cup of butter. I quickly subsituted I can’t believe it’s not butter. Nothing I could do about the sugars and flour but I did use golden raisins.

They seemed a little plain, so I added chocolate chips, chopped pecans, zest of an orange, some fresh squeezed ginger root and a sprinkle of allspice.

It says right on the box Oatmeal Can Help Reduce Cholesterol. I wonder how many cookies one dose is?

Certainly a more fun way to control cholesterol and a lot cheaper than Lipitor. (Also probably doesn’t do any harm to your liver).