Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart. I am quite a fan and in 1984 I saw the movie ‘Amedeus’. I enjoyed it, but when I saw it again last night on DVD from Netflix, I liked it even more.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I would recommend it for almost any age. Mozart was a musical prodigy. He wrote his first symphony at four and his first opera at twelve.

The actor who plays his arch rival won an Academy Award for his role. Tom Hulce plays Mozart and does a fantastic job of recreating a character from 200 years ago.

The movie takes place in Vienna and Salzburg. I think the film makers tried to make this as true to life in those times as possible. If you have children, it is a good way to introduce them to classical music.

They can actually see how little boys dressed in those days, complete with miniature white wigs for dress up occasions. Games like musical chairs were quite the fun at parties.

No one had TV, or an iPhone, or even electricity. Mozart wrote his music with a quill pen dipped in ink.

And his claim to fame is that he wrote all his music in ink and never made any corrections or additions. He just heard all the parts in his head and wrote all the parts at once. Unheard of.

He had a very up and down life and mostly didn’t get paid for his work. As many artists, he was not really appreciated until after his death.

He died at 35, penniless and was buried in a mass paupers grave.

Peter and I are going to go to the Hawaii Symphony tomorrow night and one of the featured selections is Mozart Piano Concerto No.20 in D Minor. I’m sure I will enjoy it all the more for having just seen the story of his life.

I may have to write a blog about the Symphony orchestra. Then after all this culture, I will get back to my ways in the kitchen and the craft departments.