Saturday night I went to a Mozart concert. This was something I had never done before and didn’t know quite what to expect. Joe Moore, a local newscaster and Mozart buff was the host and sponser of the event.

As it was not heavily advertised, I wasn’t sure what the turn out would be. Here in Honolulu, it was held at the Diamond Head Theater. I have been going to programs at this theater for over fifty years and every seat is OK. The performance was 100% sold out.

The tickets were all general admission so we got there early. The crowd was very orderly. I would say the average age was around seventy. Many people had canes and the audience was heavily gray haired.

I heard a lot of German being spoken. As Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart was German, I guess he has a big following in that community.

In any case, the concert was a total delight. I wasn’t sure just what a Spring Wind Octet would consist of. Two clarinets, two oboes, two bassoons and two horns.

As it turned out, Joe Moore narrated the entire evening and told the audience just what ‘hit’ would be next and a little story about what it meant and of course from which opera.

The program was set up like a Top 40 count down. Except it was the Top 25 according to Joe Moore.

I knew a little about Mozart, as I saw the movie Amedeus in 1984. Tom Hulce played Mozart and he was amazing.

Joe Moore told little anecdotes about Mozart that brought the composer to life. However he died over 200 years ago at the age of 35. During his short lifetime, he wrote 25 operas, the first one when he was twelve years old.

Jeffrey Boeckman was the conductor and while he was very understated, he had his octet totally together. Every musician was a master of his instrument.

But the big standout of the evening was the First Oboe, J. Scott Janusch. He was so incredible and he stood out from everyone else in the group.

I had never realized that an oboe could be so haunting. And his range was remarkable. After the performance the players were out front of the theater, which was a nice touch. We were able to go up and shake hands and compliment them in person.