I was rearranging my closet the other day. Since half of my wardrobe is black, I decided to put all my black things together on one rack. Jackets, pants, tops. So much easier to find just what I want when I want it.

On another rack I put all purple things together, then lavender, blue, then leopard, grey, and then red. I don’t know if I can keep this up, but it sure makes sense.

I already have two hundred flat velvet hangers, so you would think that would be plenty, but I used every single one of them.

And that was after I discarded three full bags of clothes for the Salvation Army. Some lucky lady is going to find some real treasures, but these were things I hadn’t worn in two years.

I know the rule is if you haven’t worn it in one year, but sometimes I travel with certain items to different climes, so I say two years just to be on the safe side.

When it comes to shoes, I decided anything with too high a heel would have to go. No sense breaking my neck.

Purses are another story. I have to admit I was weak. I did give away several chunky small purses. Nothing I would miss. Some were gifts with purchase from cosmetic companies and were never worn. Who would wear a pale green purse?

Some of the fabrics and leathers are so beautiful, they really can be recycled into something else. If I needed any more pillows for my bed, I could have made at least six beauties.

Maybe I should go into the pillow business. Hmm.

I couldn’t bear to part with one of my large tote bags that I know I will never use. I decided if I cut it up, I would have two nice big pieces of black patent ‘leather’ to use in a craft project. This might make unusual gift wrap. Some zebra ribbon?

I have some choices here. I could put a new floor in my dollhouse playroom. I could gift wrap that ‘special’ present. I could cover a box. Hmm. Let me think of a few more and then I will decide.

This would make a nice 12 inch by 14 inch floor for the playroom in my doll house