Valentine’s Day is coming up and although I have done my Valentine Day shopping for cards and gifts, most people think of this as a last minute occasion.

Most of these ideas will be coming to you too late for tomorrow’s Big Day, but maybe you can keep these in mind for some other holiday or maybe for a celebration later in the year.

I got my cards nearly a month ago. The Valentines hit the shelves right after the ‘after Christmas card sales’. If you have waited until now, good luck.

If you can’t fine anything appropriate, check out Greeting Card Universe. This site allows you to choose the card, write your own inside verse and even put a photo on the card.

All cards are $3 (cheaper if you buy five) and they will even mail them for you to your recipient, or to yourself, if you prefer.

Sometimes you can find a card that is ‘almost right’. You can doctor up a card with stick on letters or stickers to make it personal. Most craft stores like Michaels and Ben Franklin have huge sticker departments both in the scrapbook section and the sticker section.

While waiting in the doctor’s office this morning for my blood test, the TV was on a morning ‘news’ show. The featured subject was the latest, greatest Valentine gifts.

Number one was the Kindle Fire from Amazon. I have this item and it is pretty nifty. For $200 you get a tablet to play games, watch videos, listen to music, read books and surf the web. This is a touch screen like the iPhone and iPad.

A great gift item for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother, father etc. You can also get this at Target or Best Buy at the last minute.

For a sexy present, K-Y Jelly has a whole bevy of products with special Valentine pricing and packaging. They even have a ‘gift with purchase’ deal for Valentine’s Day. If you buy $25 of their products, you get a $10 coupon toward two movie tickets from Fandango. And Entertainment magazine has a $5 discount coupon for some of their products. Woo Woo.

Next item was an iTouch glove. This is a great idea. Wonderful for people who live in cold climates and need to use their touch pad or phone and don’t want to take their gloves off.

The fingertips are made out of special conductive material which allows you to operate your device without taking off the gloves. Only $99.95 and you can find this online at iTouch If you want the women’s designer style gloves they are $175.

Then there  were some new video games and an iPod nano wristwatch, good for working out or walking.

Peter has just about every electronic toy made. Plus fabulous cameras and lens. He doesn’t wear a watch or jewelry, so for Peter, I got season tickets to the Hawaii symphony orchestra.

I had always thought of Valentine’s Day as a Candy and Card sort of holiday. See’s candy always has beautiful boxes and even a $2 coupon if you spend $25. Not all that hard to do.

Of course all the drugstores and markets have huge Valentine candy displays. If you are just buying the candy for yourself, you might as well wait till February 15, when everything will be 50% off.

If you can wait a little longer, the discounts will get bigger, but they may be out of your favorite kind.

I am one very lucky lady. Peter is always good at planning ahead and last week invited me for sunset, music and dinner at my favorite restaurant in Honolulu, The House Without a Key at the Halekulani.

Funny story: Two years ago Peter brought me a dozen red roses and an enormous Happy Valentine’s Day Balloon. I put the roses in water and the balloon in my living room.

The most amazing thing happened. The balloon never went down. A year went by and we were laughing and saying that he didn’t have to get me a balloon this year as the old one was still going strong.

Well another year went by, almost. Finally just after Thanksgiving  on year number two,it started to sag. It literally ‘broke my heart’ when I had to take it down to make room for the Christmas tree.

After I threw the balloon away, I read an article about how you could cut it up and make place mats out of the mylar.

Simply cut around the edges. Wrap and tape each side of the balloon around a piece of cardboard. (Or it would make cute Valentine gift wrap).

If you get a mylar balloon for any occasion, don’t throw it away when it deflates. Simply recycle it and make placemats, or use the balloon to wrap up that special present. The material already is printed to say Happy Birthday or Get Well.