I have used Nestles chocolate chips my whole life. I don’t know if it is the familiar yellow bag, or that I was just used to seeing these at my grandmother’s house when she was baking cookies.

I always bought the twelve ounce bag and a couple of years ago I noticed that Costco sells a 72 ounce bag, so I got that. This huge bag is only $8.99 and sometimes there is even a coupon savings in their coupon book.                                                                                                Nestle’s makes the very best-chocolate

You would have to buy five of the regular bags to get 72 ounces and at $3 a bag, that is $15. Plus you are constantly running out, if you are a baker like me.

Yesterday I went to See’s candy shop. My daughter sent me a gift certificate and as I love their Bridge Mix I got a box of that, just for me.

I had never noticed that See’s makes chocolate chips. Sixteen ounces for $6.75. They are very large chips. About twice as big as the ones I am accustomed to.                                                                                                 See’s semi sweet chocolate chips

Now don’t get me wrong. I love See’s candy, but I made their cookie recipe, which is on the back of the bag and I must say I prefer the toll house cookies I have been making for years.

I do use real butter, not margarine, and when I take them out of the oven, I cool them on paper towels, not metal racks. This seems to absorb some of the oiliness from the cookies.

As an expert on chocolate, I feel that the See’s chips, although they are twice as large and twice as expensive are not twice as good. They are not even AS good, as the Nestles chips.

So, take it from me, next time you are in Costco, pick up a 72 ounce bag of Nestle’s and you won’t be sorry.

There was a very funny Friends episode where Lisa Kudrow was searching for her late aunts chocolate chip cookie recipe. She tried everywhere and all she could remember is the name was Tolle’.

Finally she realized it was the Toll House Cookie recipe right on the famous yellow bag. That really is the best, although I have tried every chocolate chip cookie recipe known to man. I have tried melting the butter first, using special flour, and now gourmet chocolate chips.

I do add one thing that I thinks makes the cookies even better. I scrape the zest (orange skin) off of an orange and add that to the dough. Also, if you leave the cookies on the pan till they are cool, they will be crisper.