Costco is one of my favorite stores. About twice a month I make the trek to buy the same ten or so things. Every now and then I add something new, but these are the items I almost always buy:

White albacore tuna, filet mignon, smoked salmon, bagels, tomatoes, onions, garlic, apples, lettuce, asparagus, cans of tomatoes for cooking, unsalted butter and spices and baking goods as needed.

I buy their 72 oz. bag a chocolate chips and this lasts me a long time and I never run out.

To estimate how much I am spending I just multiply the number of items by $10. This used to be pretty accurate, but lately I have been tacking on an extra twenty dollars to my estimate. This is a little ‘game’ I play and I’m usually not far off.

I always stop by the jewelry section (just to look). They have an excellent selection, and as I was a jewelry buyer for many years, I admire that every single piece is beautiful. Also their gold items have a good weight.

I am amazed at their upscale quality and yesterday there were two featured diamonds in stock, one at $30K and and another at $23K. Scattered around these two rings, were an assortment of diamond jewelry ranging in price from $5,000-$10,000.

Then I saw on the counter a huge cardboard sign advertising their ‘featured items’. Check out You will be as astounded by this as I was.

$459,999 and you can’t even try it on?

And wouldn’t it make you nervous to wear a pair of diamond studs that cost over $200,000?

Last year I bought an Anne Klein watch from Costco. It was $200 and I thought that was a lot for a Costco purchase. It was funny to buy a piece of jewelry as they have an unusual method of ‘selling’ the jewelry.

First of all you have to find a clerk to unlock the door so you can try on the item. Then when you decide to purchase the piece, you are given a slip of paper with the number of the item and the price.

When you go to check out with your grocery laden basket, you give the piece of paper to the cashier, who rings it up. Then you are given another form to take to the security cage to pick up your merchandise.

Not a real glamorous way to shop for jewelry, but they do have some beautiful items and their prices are much less than they would be in a regular jewelry store.

Except for their ‘online’ special on the five carat solitaire diamond ring, which I think is outrageous. Maybe it is an advertising ploy sort of like Victoria’s Secrets two million dollar diamond bra. Not really meant to be purchased, just talked about.