It seems that women everywhere are pursuing the Fountain of Youth. Me included. (And men too are using more cleansing/toning products and even getting Botox injections and plastic surgery).

There is such an abundance of anti-aging products, it has gotten to be a huge part of the cosmetic industry.

I will be 74 next month and I am doing everything I can to stave off the look of ‘old age’. I have always been a big believer in preventative maintenance.

A couple of years ago I bought a Clairsonic. This product was developed by the same company that makes the Sonic electric toothbrush. Sephora had a ‘free’ demonstration and after one minute I was ‘hooked’.

This is a skin cleaning machine which is rechargable. You only have to recharge it every couple of weeks. You put some foaming face wash on the round brush, press a button and there is goes. 300 revolutions per second.

You can get the whole thing wet, and I use mine in the bathtub. One minute twice a day is the recommended ‘dose’. There is a beeper that tells you when to move to another area of your face. Twenty seconds on your forehead, twenty seconds on nose/chin and ten seconds on each cheek.

You can find this at Sephora and any major department store. Usually there is a promotion with free stuff to go with it. Most often the face wash and some creams.

Best deal is when Sephora offers the Kinerase deluxe samples with purchase, as that is a very expensive skin care line. Brad Pitt even uses it.

This item comes in several different sizes and some have more features, such as a ‘body’ brush also. Prices range from $150 to $250 depending on which one you select. Amazon sells this at $195. Just think, men spend lots of money maintaining their cars, so don’t feel guilty.

There are lots of ‘knockoffs’ of this product, but as I haven’t tried any of them, I can’t say how good they are. I know that Olay makes one for around $30 and I have seen other brands as well.

(Just like any appliance, there is a big price spread. You can buy a Black and Decker blender for $20 or a Cuisinart blender for $100. Take your pick.)

Clairsonic face cleaner with replaceable brush head

I think it is a very good item. I have pink, but now this comes in lots of pretty colors and there is even a flower pattern. I use mine with Bliss fabulous foaming face wash.

By the way, men can use this too. I think they have ‘men’s colors in this product, or you could just get white. To match the new iPhone.

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash-15.5 oz. size is ‘best deal’. You can refill a smaller bottle to use every day

Another item by the same company is called an Opal. This is an oval appliance that fits in the palm of your hand. It has a current, that you can’t feel. You put a drop of dead sea serum on the little tip and rub it around your eye area. You can also do your forehead and above your lips.

This is an excellent item and I can really see a big difference since I have been using both Clairsonic products in sync. I also do this twice a day. A.M. and P.M. Twenty seconds in each area. So give or take, another minute.

I have a white Opal, but I notice it now comes in black as well. It has a little rechargeable stand. It is expensive at $200, but it does away with crows feet and your eye area looks much brighter and smoother.

Opal with Dead Sea Serum, which comes with it, but has to be repurchased a couple of times a year

Of course there are jillions of creams and serums out there. Depending on your budget, you can either go for the drugstore brands or all the way up to La Mer at $500 a jar.

I opt to use Bliss. This is a wonderful line. I use Youth as You Know It. The concentrate, moisture cream and eye cream. Also the cleanser and toner.

If you purchase these items at Sephora, each jar is around $75. If you buy the exact same thing at Nordstrom’s Rack, each jar is $29.95. This is where I shop.

Bliss ‘The Youth’ moisture cream

Nordstrom’s Rack also has a set of the moisture/eye cream and cleanser for $49.95 and when they have this, I always buy two.

I am very religious about using these Bliss products and never miss my twice a day routine. When I travel, I have a set of small sizes that I take with me.

If you want to try the Youth line, there is a kit of everything in small travel sizes. If you like this, you can refill all the little bottles and jars from the regular sizes.

I also purchase any cosmetics throughout the year when that line is having a ‘gift with purchase’ event. This way I always have small sizes of very expensive creams to supplement my supply. Great chance to try ReNutriv by Estee Lauder, or Lancome’s Renergie or Genifique.

In Estee Lauder’s latest promotion going on now at Neiman Marcus, their ReNutriv cream sample is a $70 half ounce jar of their regularly $260 lifting cream plus the matching eye cream. (plus a whole bunch of other stuff all in a very good looking tote bag).

The total gift is a $195 value, and to get it you have to purchase $70. This is not too difficult to do, if you use Estee Lauder products or fragrance. You can always do some ‘early’ Christmas shopping.  If there is no Neiman Marcus in your area, you can order this online and the shipping is free. (except to Hawaii)

By the way, in all the photos above I am not wearing any makeup. The reason it looks like I am wearing lipstick is that my lips are tattooed. And yes, it hurt like hell. But it was worth it. (I also have permanent eye liner, top and bottom)