Today I did something I have never done in my whole life. I went to a restaurant and didn’t leave a tip.

It all started when P. F. Chang’s ran an ad celebrating Chinese New Year. The ad said that there would be a free appetizer with the order of an entree during the month of January.

I was going to go the other night but then decided not to. So I had the coupon in my purse. My sister and I wanted to go out for a Chinese lunch today and I immediately thought of P.F. Chang’s.

We sat down and the waitress asked if she could bring us something to drink. I said water and some tea, please.

She said, “The tea isn’t free here”. To which I replied, “Just water, then.”

We ordered cashew chicken and egg flower soup and for our free appetizer, I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps.

The food came quickly and was tasty. But the waitress never brought over the bill. The restaurant was empty except for us and one other couple. There was no waitress in sight.

About ten minutes went by and I was getting antsy.

Oh, there she is, at the front desk, talking to the hostess. We walked over to the hostess station and I asked for my check.

“Oh, the manager is approving your discount”.  A few minutes later the bill arrived. On the credit card voucher where it says Tip, I put Zero with a big line drawn through it.

This is very unusual for me. I am a fairly generous tipper. Usually 15-20% depending on the service. Even when the service isn’t so hot, I still leave a tip. But this girl just rubbed me the wrong way.

From the first comment about the tea, to the last comment about the ‘manager having to approve the discount’. Big discount. It was their ad, their coupon, and I followed all their criteria.

After paying the bill we also said we would never come back to this restaurant again. There are so many terrific Chinese restaurants in Honolulu, this won’t be any hardship on me.

I have lived in places where there was only one Chinese restaurant in town and then I would have a problem. In Bullhead City, Arizona the restaurant was Pongs. The service and food were both good, but even if there were a problem, I never would have pulled a stunt like that.