I have a very varied group of TV shows that I like to watch. This changes from time to time, but here are a few I have enjoyed lately.

Masterpiece Theater, Downton Abbey won the award for Best TV series at the Golden Globes. I enjoyed this show very much last year and now it is in Season Two. Season One takes place outside of London during the period of time just after the Titanic and before World War One.

Season Two begins with the start of World War One. The Downton family is the last of the the English aristocracy complete with butlers, footmen, and upstairs and downstairs maids. When their footmen go off to war, they have to deal with this ‘hardship’.

This is on regular TV and if you missed season one, you can get it on Netflix and catch up. It is a little complicated, but once you get all the characters down (Lord and Lady etc.) it is pretty interesting and very well done. Costumes and makeup are very authentic.

I missed Homeland last year and as Claire Dane won the award for Best Actress in a TV drama series, I decided to play catch up and watch it. It is on Showtime and since I have Showtime on Demand, I am watching this show. It is the story of a returning prisoner of war who has been presumed dead for eight years.

While he was missing, his wife went on with her life and now that he is home, there are tons of problems. (Not the least of which is that he is suspected of being a spy for the Al Quaida terrorists).

Another series I am enjoying is Kidnapped. This is available on Netflix streaming. Evidently this wasn’t picked up for a second season, so there will just be about a dozen episodes. This season centers on the kidnap of a wealthy family’s fifteen year old son. I think it is very well done and I am sorry it won’t be renewed.

I have seen a few good movies on Netflix streaming lately. Rather varied, but here goes. First one was ‘Through the Void’. This is a movie made of a true event. Two best friends who were mountain climbers in the eighties decide to scale the highest peak in the Andes. This has never been done before and they make it.

Except on the way down, one of them breaks his leg. This is really what the movie is about. Very inspirational.

Another movie that I liked, but Peter didn’t, was ‘The Perfect Host’. This is sort of grisly and dark, but I thought it was very good. Great acting, but very weird. Netflix streaming.

‘Trust’ is another Netflix streaming offer that I thought was a good movie.

The other night I watched something I seldom see, an Italian movie with subtitles. ‘David’s Birthday’. This is very current. Story is of two Italian couples who are best friends. Movie starts off showing that they just like to go to theater and dinners together.

They are well off, but not rich. Their lives are very ordinary. They decide to rent a beach house together on the Italian Riviera for a month’s vacation during the summer.

Both couples are about forty. One couple is a doctor and his wife, who have a five year old daughter and the other couple have an eighteen year old son, David, who is coming to visit for his birthday.

The doctor and his wife are happily married until David shows up. This ‘boy’ is extremely good looking and while he is a college student he is also an underwear model. The doctor is so attracted to David, that this is where the movie goes.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is pretty shocking and sexy, so if you are offended by this subject, best skip this one.

You have your choice of an English family drama, a mountain climbing movie, a dark thriller, a grisly thriller, an American Pie thriller, and an Italian sexy flick. There, that ought to keep you busy for a while. Enjoy!