If you would like to ‘save’ $1.00 here is how you do it.

Go to the U.S. Post office before Sunday and buy 100 forever stamps. This will set you back $44. After Sunday the cost for one hundred stamps will be $45.

(Better hurry, you only have one day left before Sunday. I’m not sure of the post office hours on Saturday, or even if they are open everywhere at all).

That’s right, postage is going up again. Supposedly not since 2009, but it doesn’t seem that long ago.

If you want to save even more, you can buy 100 forever stamps at Costco for $43.75. They are open on Saturday and you can get some nifty free food samples while you are there.

I was in Costco the other day and passed this one right by. First of all I don’t like the stamps with a liberty bell or a flag. I like pretty stamps that ‘say’ something.

Second of all, I had already ‘saved’ quite a lot on a bag of lemons. Only $6.99 for a big bag of beautiful lemons. In the market these days, a decent lemon costs $1.69. (don’t want to go crazy on my savings).

I always ask to see the unusual stamps. I usually pick hearts or flowers. Sometimes comics or famous people. The forever Valentine love stamp doesn’t come out till February and I will have to get some of those.

There is a very nice Love forever/shopping bag for $2. This was released already, although the matching stamp doesn’t come out for two weeks. This makes a good gift wrap bag for that Valentine present. Some red tissue and you are all set.

Then the person has one of those neat recyclable bags in bright red. If you purchase a Valentine gift bag from Hallmark it is just paper and costs $4.95 with tissue.

Another stamp that just came out, is the new postcard stamp at 32 cents each. This page of twenty stamps features an assortment of aloha shirts, one per stamp.

There was a photo in the paper today of the unveiling. Even the governor of our fair state was there, wearing his traditional aloha shirt, of course.

Very big deal for Hawaii. Evidently this will be the main postcard stamp sold anywhere in the USA this year. Somehow an aloha shirt stamp doesn’t make a lot of sense on that postcard from New York City.

Whatever happened to the penny postcard? We used to buy prestamped postcards at the post office. It was cheap to send one. Now, I only send a postcard when I am on vacation.

Even with a first class stamp I usually get home long before my recipient has gotten the card.

Speaking of the post office and their great service, I had to go to the post office today. I had a package to pick up, that they couldn’t deliver to my condo office. Why?

There were three postal clerks all taking their sweet time tearing off one stamp and a time and laboriously counting out change.

One was issuing a passport to someone and the parents and ‘child’ all had their hands up to take a solemn oath. This transaction took nearly twenty minutes.

Meanwhile the people in line were getting antsy. I was tempted to whip out my iPhone and start playing a game while I waited, but I didn’t want to be rude. Everyone else was just standing there like zombies.

Now I know why I use email, ecards, and order things online as much as I possibly can. The self service mailing meter machine is a step in the right direction. The instructions are very clear and if you know how to read English and swipe a credit card, most adults should be able to operate this.

None of this press one for English. Even the ATM machines have a button to choose a language. Actually it is refreshing to see a machine that doesn’t give you a choice of languages. Only English.

I’m sure in Paris, you do not have a choice at the post office between French and anything else.