I am a big fan of tiramisu. This is an Italian dessert that is loaded with calories, fat and deliciousness. The ‘real’ tiramisu is made with whipped cream, and has over 1400 calories per serving and 65 grams of fat.

The stats on this are really low. Less than 300 calories per serving and 3 grams of fat. And no guilt.

So when my hero HUNGRY GIRL sent me this recipe for Turbo Tremendous TIramisu, I just had to try it. Usually these fat free, sugar free type of desserts are lacking in taste and thrill, but this one is really good.

This recipe is for one serving. It doesn’t take any longer to double this, which is what I did. It makes a nice little loaf and easily serves four.

Recipe says you should chill it for an hour and can eat immediately. Maybe so, but I made mine a day ahead. And the leftovers made a really good breakfast the day after that.

First you will need some lady fingers. I bought a package of twelve at the market and used half for layer one and half for layer two.

I hear that Trader Joe’s has really good lady fingers, but there is no Trader Joe’s in Hawaii. Maybe on my next trip to the mainland, I will bring back a few packages and freeze them.

In a pinch, you could whip some up from scratch. I made some once, but didn’t have a pastry bag and they looked a little misshapen. Of course for this recipe it really wouldn’t make any difference.

Afterwards I read where I could have put the batter in a zip lock bag with the corner cut off. And no mess. Just throw bag away when done.

If you like to bake, these are sort of fun to make. Otherwise, you will find they are a lot of work. Separating four eggs, beating with sugar for eight minutes, (till triple in volume) beating whites till stiff, folding in flour etc. and on and on).

And finally transferring the batter to a large pastry bag fitted with a 3/4 inch plain tube and piping out the ladyfingers in four and a half inch lengths, dusting with powdered sugar and baking for 15-18 minutes on your buttered and floured baking sheet.

Best to just buy a dozen lady fingers at the market.

The only change I made to the recipe is that I used more cocoa powder to dust each layer with. More like a tablespoon, rather than a teaspoon.

This is unsweetened cocoa powder like the kind from Hershey in the brown square can, or Giradelli that is used in baking. Not Nestles.

I also did not use fat free ricotta cheese, I used part skim. And I used Cool Whip Lite, rather than fat free. I really don’t think it makes a lot of difference. (So there might be a couple more fat grams than the stats show).

And since I had plenty of the cheesy, creamy mixture I frosted the sides and it looks a lot better. More chocolate also gives it a nice finished look on the top.

Even Peter liked this. Had two pieces and said it was very light.

Once you have all the ingredients, it is an easy fun dessert to make. Even you guys could make this as a Valentine Day surprise for your lady. It would be very good served with expresso for a true Italian experience.

Here is your marketing list: Package of lady fingers, Cool Whip Lite, carton of Ricotta cheese (part skim or low fat), box of Jello vanilla sugar free, fat free instant pudding, coffee mate creamer regular or french vanilla, instant coffee, vanilla, a few packs of Splenda,good unsweetened cocoa powder.

Even you confirmed bachelors probably have a couple of these items on hand already. Surely the coffee and the Splenda. And if you aren’t a fan of instant coffee, Via by Starbucks is very good and comes in nice little one serving packets.

Or, you could just use some strong real coffee that you have left over from breakfast.

For you non cooks out there, you will also need a glass, a bowl and some measuring cups and spoons. And some sort of a plate or dish to put this on.

I made mine in a deep Rubbermaid square dish with a cover. To transfer this whole shebang to a pretty serving plate you will need a large spatula.