Usually when a book is really good, the movie is lousy. In this case, both book and movie are excellent.

Will he or George Clooney get the Oscar?

Moneyball, the movie was very enjoyable and is now on DVD and available on Netflix.  And I am reading the book on my Kindle, and it is good too.

No surprise that I loved the movie. Watching Brad Pitt for a couple of hours is always fun. He plays a great role and is up for an Oscar for Best Leading Man.

He is a former jock who now is general manager of the Oakland A’s. (This is a major league baseball team for all you non sports fans.) This is based on a true story. (And A’s stands for Athletics).

His problem is they have a very small budget and he has to figure out how to get the most bang for the buck. To give you an idea, the Yankees have an annual budget of 110 million and the A’s, only 42 million.

This has to pay all the players, coaches, equipment, travel expenses etc. When you hear about teams paying one player ten million dollars for a year, and there are 25 players, you do the math.

Now I am a 73 year old widow and I seriously doubt that the movie or the book had me in mind as an audience, but I enjoyed them both.

If you have a Kindle and you belong to Amazon Prime, you can borrow one book every thirty days for free. This month it is Moneyball for me. When you are finished, you simply ‘return it’ and select another book.

Most of the free ‘rental’ books are not that great, but I should be able to find one a month I would enjoy. You also get to sample a book before you buy it or rent it. The sample might be one or two chapters and you can tell if you like it or not.

So now my problem is: Do I watch the DVD I ordered on Netflix that came today, or do I watch Netflix streaming, or do I read Moneyball on my Kindle, or do I just totally veg out and play Angry Birds?

Speaking of Amazon Prime, it allows to streaming of movies and also free two day shipping on your Amazon orders (except for Hawaii and Alaska). At $79 a year, it is not bad, especially if you don’t happen to live in Hawaii or Alaska.