Are you thinking of getting rid of your land land? Better think again. Also, what about all those ‘things’ in your kitchen you never use?

I know lots of people are getting rid of their land lines. There are many good reasons, not the least of which is saving $500 a year for something most people don’t use anyway.

However, this is not an option for me. I live in a high security building and my land line is connected to our phone/entry system. This is how I buzz in my visitors.

Thank goodness for that, because today I ‘lost’ my cell phone. If I didn’t have a land line I couldn’t have called myself. Here is what happened. I was changing the sheets today. After I stripped the bed, I realized my phone had been lying on top.

I searched through the quilt and the bedspread. Now I was hoping I hadn’t accidently thrown it in the washing machine with the sheets.

Boing! Call myself and just pray that I hadn’t put my phone on ‘vibrate’. Ah, there it was, just under the bed. Of course. Now if I didn’t have a land line, what would I have done?

We have gotten so dependent on our cell phones that now there is hardly any reason to have other multiple devices. However, I still find the screen too small to enjoy a movie or even play most games.

I have been able to play Words With Friends on my phone, but I much prefer Angry Birds on my Kindle Fire. As for Netflix streaming, I will watch these on my TV, thank you.

I have a friend who got rid of everything in her kitchen tool drawer. She gets by with a couple of place settings of knife, fork, spoon. Of course she doesn’t cook or bake.

I, (on the other hand), have two stand mixers, two hand mixers, a Cusinart food processor and a baby Cuisinart chopper for chopping bacon and nuts. Numberous whisks, at least ten wooden spoons plus all the usual spatulas and spoons round out my baking ‘corner’.

Also cluttering up my kitchen counter is a blender, a rice cooker, a spice rack, a bagel cutter and cookbook stand. I complain about my ‘small’ kitchen. Wonder why?

Then hanging above my sink is a very full pot rack and baskets of measuring cups and other items that don’t fit in any of my drawers. I have a mesh rack behind the stove for hanging scissors and peelers and such. And of course a metal strip on the wall for holding my knives.

I also have a rolling pin, a potato masher and ricer. I have huge sets of Rubbermaid containers, sifters, colanders, and baking pans.

Don’t get me started on pans. I have various size muffin pans, including one just for ‘tops’. I have muffin tins in the shape of hearts and corn cobs on the off chance that I will make corn meal muffins. I have muffins tins that are really tiny and some that make large muffins.

Some are metal, some are silicon. I really can’t see the advantage of these. You have to put them on a metal baking pan, or they bend while putting them in the oven. But the colors are nice. I have a red loaf pan and a pink heart muffin ‘tin’.

I also have several bundt cake pans in various patterns. My latest cake pan looks like a giant donut and I have one that looks like a giant cupcake as well.

I guess I am a baking tool addict. I love going to kitchen stores and can’t wait for the next Williams-Sonoma catalog. Some of the W and S items are really absurd. And very expensive. But someone must buy them, or they wouldn’t stock them and feature them in their ads.

The latest ‘Sale’ catalog from W and S has some real doozies. On page four is a Breville Electric Pie Maker. This looks to be about the size of a waffle iron (of which I have three-regular, heart shaped and Belgian).

It makes four little pies (in just eight minutes) and is a W and S exclusive. Cost $99.95. There is a video if you want to learn more. Just check out Williams

If this seems a little pricey, for only $59.95 you can buy an Electric Ebelskiver Maker. Check out their catalog to see what this is.

So, unless you bake, you may not even need an oven. I have an oven, a roaster, a toaster/convection oven and sometimes all of them are going at once.

On the other hand, I have a friend (a long time bachelor), who uses his oven as a place to store cat food.