If you are anything like me, you can relate to this.

My linen closet could really use some organizing. Nothing is put away in neat piles and as until now, (fifty years too late) I didn’t know how to fold a fitted sheet.

I think this photo says it all. Simply fold all the sheets, pillowcases etc. and put inside a pillow case for the set and Voila!

Isn’t that nifty?

I had a girlfriend who thumbtacked a two foot piece of ribbon under each shelf, and then brought it up and over each stack of towels, sheets, etc.  She used white eyelet ribbon with black velvet running through the loops. Four stacks, four ribbons per shelf.

She also wallpapered all the walls of the linen closet in a beautiful floral. Truly a garden of delight in what would normally be a mundane chore. When we went to her house part of the tour was “The Linen Closet”.

OK, now for the biggee. How to fold a fitted sheet. The tutorial is below, but if you want to see the details check out marthastewart.com

The only thing I don’t get is how is this green sheet so smooth? Mine are all crumpled up out of the dryer. When I put them on the bed not quite dry, they smooth out. That is even easier, no folding at all.

And if you only have one set of sheets, you are in luck. Then you can use your linen closet for something else. Such as a place to store all your purses.

Or for you guys, you could use it for your tools, nails, screws etc. Take out a shelf or two and put up some pegboard and there you go. Sort of a workbench right in your hallway.