Yikes!  It is already December 12. Time to get out all my Christmas card material and start addressing the envelopes.

I ordered all my cards a few months ago. There is Christmas, Chanukah and New Years. I usually do them all at the same time, as then I only have to look up the addresses once. Some people only get Christmas cards, some only get Chanukah cards, some get both (hubby is Jewish/wife is not) or like me, celebrate all holidays.

I got all my supplies together and put them in a Christmas holiday gift bag. With handles. This way, I can work on my project and if I want to put the whole shebang away or move to another table, everything is together.

I have Christmas stamps, Chanukah stamps, photo stamps of me, and tiger stamps (to benefit wild life) for my New Years cards. I use a silver or gold Sharpie for my personal greetings.

Or, sometimes colored marking pens. I have a great set of 36 from Martha Stewart crafts. It has the best assortment of colors. (Even pink and chartreus). If you want to get a set, they have them at Michael’s in the MS department. If you have a 40% off coupon or sometimes a 50% off coupon this is a good thing to use it for. Regularly $35.

While I was on my recent trip to the mainland I bought a great little tin at Pottery Barn. It is filled with old fashioned Vintage looking cards plus a red and green ink pad and a few Christmas rubber stamps.

These Vintage cards will be nice for my ‘old’ friends, who can remember the old fashioned looking Santa Claus.

I am actually debating whether I should sit down and do this NOW, or here is another idea.

On Friday I am going on vacation. It will be a ‘stay/cation’ here on Oahu at the Marriott in Ko Olina. Maybe I should take my whole bag of Christmas cards etc. and write my cards there, when I don’t have so many distractions. As long as I get them done over the weekend, I can mail everything on Monday December 18. Perfect.

I will be there from the 16-23, so I will not be blogging during next week. You will probably all be too busy getting ready for the last minute Christmas errands to miss me anyway. Don’t worry, I’ll be back and running by Christmas Eve.