Every year it seems more complicated to decorate the tree, set up the Christmas Village and put together all the plugs and cords that snake around the displays.

Our tree was delivered last week. It looked pretty. even unadorned, as it had a good shape and full branches. We always have it flocked and this is as close as we get to a White Christmas.

Usually on Christmas Day the temperature in Honolulu is somewhere between 75 and 80 degrees. At night sometimes it drops down to two below. That is two below seventy or 68 degrees. Brr.

I got out the ten strands of lights, at least 200 ornaments, garlands and stuffed Santa toys. It took me two days but it came out really good.

The hardest part was putting on all the lights and putting them into the various extension cords. I like to be able to operate the turning on and off of the lights by a foot pedal. This year I had four.

I like a tree loaded with ornaments, candies and stuffed Santas. Note the peacocks, a new addition this year.

All the trees I have seen in stores look so generic and have no soul. The only place that does really pretty trees here in Honolulu is Ben Franklin. They have a great Christmas department and do nice trees every year.

Then I had to set up Santa’s Village. It has several lit houses and a train station with a train that really goes.

So many people say, “I don’t do a tree, it is so much bother”. Yes, that is true, but the end result is worth it. And you can admire your handiwork for at least two weeks.