Have you ever eaten a pomegranate? They are really delicious. It is quite a bit of work, but worth it. Right now there are pomegranates in the market. Safeway has them at two for $4, which is about the least I have seen.

Usually you can find the juice by POM in the produce section in the refrigerated aisle. I understand that until the end of January, this same company will be selling cartons of the seeds.  (So far haven’t seen these in Hawaii, but they may have them at Whole Foods).

The seeds are the part you eat. Plus they are really messy to get out of the pomegranate. The inside of this fruit is almost all seeds. Sort of held together with a yellowish flesh. You don’t eat that part.

Pomegranates are way up there on the healthy chart. Full of good stuff, lots of antioxidants and vitamins. You can drink the juice, or use it in recipes, but the real thrill is eating the seeds.

Here is a whole one, and half cut open to show the seeds

If you take a sharp pointy spoon, sort of like a grapefruit spoon you can get the seeds out without too big of a hassle. Don’t wear a white blouse or shirt while you are doing this.

I like the seeds plain, or mixed with Activa strawberry or vanilla yogurt. I guess you could use any yogurt or cottage cheese to mix with the seeds.

You can also make jello with the juice and the seeds. The proper way is to make it from scratch with unflavored gelatin, cook on stove, etc.

My way is to use a mild flavor jello, like peach, use the hot juice instead of the water, add some ice cubes to firm up quickly, and then stir in the seeds from a pomegranate. Really good.

I think it is fun to try different foods. If you have never tried a pomegranate, live dangerously. Just think of the brave person who was the very first one to eat an artichoke!