OK> Dear Readers, I am not really ‘sick’, but yesterday I woke up with a big swelling on the top of my foot. It was blue and bruised looking, but I didn’t hit it on anything or drop anything on my foot. There was no break in the skin, so it wasn’t a cut or a bite.

Just a very odd looking blue egg shaped puffy lump on the top of my foot. So I got back in bed, elevated my foot, put on an ice pack and read a book. About an hour later I called my doctor.

She said to soak in warm water and if it wasn’t better to come and see her tomorrow. (which was today, Saturday).

So when I woke up this morning and my foot was now swollen all over and even bluer, I called my doctor. “She can squeeze you in at 11:15. You will be her last appointment of the day, as she only works half a day on Saturday”.

She seemed totally bewildered by this and thought first of all that I should have a cat scan and a blood test. Except that the cat scan requires pre authorization from the insurance company and it was now Saturday at noon, so we would have to wait until Monday for that part.

So just get the blood test. “Uh,oh, the lab closes at noon on Saturday, you will have to get the blood test on Monday.”

OK “We’ll just get an x-ray, so here are the orders, just go to radiology”. So I did and guess what? Radiology doesn’t take any walk ins after noon on Saturday.

I probably should have gone to the emergency room in the first place, but it didn’t seem like a real emergency. I just went home, wrapped my foot in an ace bandage, applied heat and took a nap.

If my foot is still swollen on Monday, I will go back and do all the tests I couldn’t get done today. Moral of the story, if you have a medical problem, don’t try to handle it on a Saturday. (And of course Sunday would be totally out of the question).