It is none too soon to start thinking about Thanksgiving. There are lots of specials this week, so stock up in advance and save yourself that huge marketing on Thanksgiving week.

Right now Longs drugs has Ocean Spray cranberry sauce for 99 cents a can. That is a real bargain as usually it is two for $5 at best.

Today there was a feature on nifty things for Thanksgiving. One cute item was from Williams and Sonoma for $19.95. These are little resin pumpkins with slits to put a place card in. For $19.95 you only get four.

My take on this is to go to Safeway and buy a bunch of their mini pumpkins. I think they are 99 cents each, If you want to use them as place card holders, cut a slit in top. Or even easier, write the names directly on the pumpkin with a black marking pen.

These can double as a ‘party favor’. Also you can use an apple corer to make a hole in a little pumpkin and stick a candle in it. Two of these surrounded by some leaves and a couple of ears of corn, would make a nice centerpiece.

I also discovered a great way to make a holiday tablecloth. I was looking for a birthday tablecloth in paper for my round dining table. No dice. All the Birthday ones were rectangles.

So I bought a roll of shiny metallic birthday gift wrap. It was three yards long and 30″ wide. I cut it in half and scotch taped it down the middle. Then I trimmed the four corners to be rounder.

It looked so good and was One of a Kind. Then with the four corners I cut off, I cut wide strips, wrapped them around a paper napkin, scotch taped back and Voila, matching napkin rings.

Of course you could do this for any holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter or Fourth of July. When done with dinner, just crumple up and throw away. No need to wipe the table.