One of my favorite shopping sites online is I may have written about this before but each time I order, I think that this is the ‘perfect’ site.

First of all it is very easy to navigate.  They carry all the major brands of cosmetics and their prices are greatly discounted. Plus they subtract a Loyalty bonus between 1% and 10% for each additional order. I am up to the 10% off on all my purchases.

They don’t charge for shipping and the box comes registered air very quickly. Since the company is based in Hong Kong, this is really amazing. Sometimes I order an item online from California and it takes three or four weeks to get here.

The only ‘bummer’ is that every time I order from them I get a phone call from the Bank of America Visa fraud detection department asking me if I actually charged something in Hong Kong, when that very same day I charged something in Honolulu. (Good to know they are on their toes)

If you check out this site, first go to the Top Twenty Specials and Special Purchase section. These items are usually half price or less than in the department store. They carry all the big names: Chanel, Dior, YSL, Lancome, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Stila, etc.

I use the Bliss ‘Youth as We Know It’ line of skin care. Right now there is a travel pack of small sizes of their cleanser, toner, moisture cream, eye cream and concentrate.

So if you want to try the whole line it is only $39. (With my loyalty discount, only $35) If you like it, then you can fill the little bottles from the regular size jars and have a travel set ready to go all the time.

I have the regular size jars but I ordered the travel set so I can refill the small jars when I travel. I like to have the original labels on the jars rather than just guess, or label with a marking pen.

I swear by this product and believe me I have tried just about every line out there at one point or another. I am a ‘cosmeticholic’. Is there such a thing?

I never used anything but lipstick until I was thirty four. Now I have a whole routine and use multiple products twice a day. (If I am going out to dinner then three times a day). It only takes five minutes.

By the way, Nordstroms Rack carries Bliss products. They don’t have everything all the time, but they do carry the full size set of moisture, eye cream and cleanser for $49. At Sephora or the online Bliss site the eye cream alone is $75. (And the moisturizer is $79. Same size).

Here is a ‘tip’ I discovered all by myself. After putting on the Bliss concentrate and moisturizer, let it sit a few minutes and then rub it off with your fingers. The ‘old’ skin comes right off and Voila! New Skin.

Sometimes has La Prarie or Sisley, if you are into very expensive cosmetics. These are expensive even at half price. No, they don’t have ‘everything’ on special all the time.

If you check their site on the first and fifteenth of the month, they change the items and add new things.

They also carry most perfumes and mens colognes and after shave lotion. All their products come gift wrapped, but if you order multiple items it is hard to tell what is what without opening the packages. Their trademark box comes nicely packed in foam and tied with a lavender ribbon.

Check it out. And No, I don’t work for the company. When you are done ordering a little ‘survey’ pops up. If you take it you are entitled to four magazines of your choice for a full year. ($2 each for handling). Again, they don’t have everything, but there is Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment and a lot of others.