I just had to share this with you. I signed up for Safeway just4u and finally got around to putting my personalized coupons on my Safeway card. Things like Skippy peanut butter at $1.49 (limit 2) and Best Foods mayonaise at $2.79 etc.

Anyway with all my club discounts and my $10 rewards cert (from last week when I spent $75) my ‘savings’ were 59%. I think for me that is an all time record. And I even got about five things that weren’t on special. Example: Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn oil at $5.99. Ta Da.

I did buy some sirloin steak @ $30% off. I like to grind this at home with my Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment. I think ground sirloin is much better for hamburgers and chili and I like being able to control the quality and freshness. Plus who knows what has been in that butcher’s meat grinder?

Top round is good for this also, but they were out of it.

Safeway4u  has a really good site and you can add these items to your card without having to cut out coupons. Then you just hit ‘print’ and out comes a shopping list of all your specials. Voila.

I’m so good at this, maybe my new hobby should be couponing. I know there are websites and magazines devoted to this subject. I have never really been into it, as I only like certain brands and I don’t have a huge basement or storeroom to use for all that stuff.

I know you are supposed to ‘double’ coupon when you can, and use your coupon on the the smallest size to get the most percentage off. Gee if I had a $1 coupon for Skippy then my peanut butter would have been 49 cents instead of $1.49. Boo hoo.

But I still did good, as I got two jars for $2.98 instead of two jars for $12.98.