I’m back from my vacation. I took packing lessons and planned my trip perfectly. The only glitch was that just after I landed in LAX on Day One, I had a heart attack. (Right on the way to baggage claim). Luckily the paramedics were one minute away and rushed me to emergency only ten minutes away.

After spending the evening in the ER, I was admitted, only to find out that Marina del Rey was not the hospital that did cardiac things. So the next day, I was transferred to Little Companion of Mary in Torrance, CA.

This is a wonderful hospital and feel that I am extremely lucky to have wound up there. The name is a mouthful, but their cath lab, surgeons and cardiac care are ‘state of the art’.

After an angiogram on Friday, another on Saturday and an angioplasty on Sunday, I felt 1000% better. A few days in the ICU with great nurses and I was ready to resume my ‘vacation’.

I was ready for a few days at my daughter’s house in Rancho Park, just a hop and skip from Beverly Hills. Shopping and massage, manicure and pedicure. Now I was starting to feel like my ‘old self’.

I had to skip Las Vegas entirely. Spent that week in the hospital. Must say the food was good and the service outstanding. I even watched the World Series from my hospital bed.

Game Six, the greatest baseball game ever, ever, ever, I saw while at my daughter’s house. Wow! Good I had three stents put in the week before, it was so exciting.

Then on to San Francisco for Halloween weekend with my grandchildren. My granddaughter was a pretty leopard but my twelve year old grandson ‘dressed up’ as a jeopardy¬† board. Whatever happened to pirates and ghosts?Ben as a Jeopardy Board

Amazingly even though we ate out nearly every day, I ate so carefully, (trying to follow my heart healthy low fat plan) that I came home one pound lighter than when I left.

My luggage was another story. I had taken packing lessons so I would be able to travel with just a carry on for two weeks. Ha ha. I never made it out of my house without one carry on and another small bag to check in.

After the LA part of my trip, I added another checked piece and by the time I left San Francisco I had added a rather large bag for all my shopping and overflow.Bad girl

I upgraded to first class on my return as I felt I deserved some luxury and pampering after all I had been through. The good news is that first class passengers are allowed two check in bags for ‘free’.