Last night I saw a very cute movie on Netflix streaming. It is called The Wedding Banquet and is a movie by Ang Lee. He is the one who brought us Crouching Tigers.

Simon, Wing and Wei

This is the story of a very handsome gay Chinese man who lives in Manhattan. He is a business man who always wears a suit. He has a long time partner whom he lives with. Simon, his ‘better half’ is also very good looking. He is a physical therapist at a hospital and the two have been together five years.

Wing owns an old building and you see him dealing with one of his tenants (Wei). She is a starving artist and lives in one of his lofts. Her main goal is to get Wing to accept her paintings as ‘rent’.

His parents live in Taiwan and his mother’s main goal in life is to have her son marry a nice Chinese girl and give her and her husband some grandchildren.

They decide to come visit their son and help him find a bride. He panics and asks the tenant to ‘marry’ him instead. She gets a green card out of this union and he gets his mother off his back.

It is actually Simon’s idea and not only does he go along with the plan, but he is very supportive.

What ensues is really sweet and funny. Half the movie is in English and half is in Chinese with subtitles, as the parents do not speak English.

I doubt that this movie will win any awards, but it is fun to watch and different than the usual girl/boy flicks of today.

How to ‘find’ this movie on Netflix streaming: Now you can just put it in Search and Voila.

But in the future check out Instawatcher online to find all the newest flicks on Netflix streaming.

This is a good site and you can check for popular/new, critics choice, expiring and on and on. They seem to have a much better selection of titles than you can readily find on the Netflix site.