It’s true. There is only one October. I wasn’t that thrilled with watching the playoffs. My favorite team was out. The Tampa Bay Rays. The reason I liked them is that they were such underdogs. The the Yankees have a $200 million dollar budget and they have a $40 million dollar budget. If you saw the movie Moneyball, that was it.

But I started watching Texas and they really are an amazing team. There is no I in team. Every single player is terrific.

I just watched the most fun baseball game ever. Texas Rangers 15 to Detroit 5. Sure glad I was rooting for Texas. It was a record breaking game. Nelson Cruz hit his sixth home run of the series and every player was great.  Almost everyone got at least one run or one RBI. Several home runs, great fielding etc.

Josh Hamilton caught a 400 yard ball that went all the way to the wall. How he did it I don’t know, but he had to leap up the wall and do a backwards flip to complete the catch.

Meanwhile the Detroit Tigers were flubbing their catches. Their center fielder and right fielder both tried to catch a fly ball. One of them caught the ball (sort of), then they crashed into each other and he dropped it. I think that is called an error.

There were other ‘missed’ balls where the fielder almost had his hands on the ball and ‘whoops’.

You wouldn’t think it was that exciting, with Texas winning by ten. But the score was 2-0 Detroit and in the third inning Texas got nine runs. Unheard of. I think they switched the Detroit pitchers about five times.
Anyway it was fun. Now I want to see them win the World Series. As I don’t like the Cardinals or the Brewers, I will root for Texas.

And obviously here is one 73 year old widow/woman who totally understands the game. And loves it.