Probably the most traumatic event in a woman’s life is being told that she has breast cancer. After dealing with oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and surgeons, the next step is chemo.

And that means you are totally bald. That also means no eyebrows or eyelashes. (Of course you can have eyebrows tattooed on and millions of women wear false eyelashes anyway.)

And then another traumatic experience: trying to find a wig.

Five weeks ago, my daughter Jody was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite three surgeries in one month and all the related medical requirements, her attitude is 100% positive. In one month she has become an expert at knowing all the cancer lingo, drugs and treatments.

This is breast cancer awareness month and all the major stores and products are getting on the bandwagon, so to speak. Even Sports Authority came out with pink boxing gloves and pink football cleats.

She decided to pass on those items but last week she began her quest for a wig.

She read all the advice on the subject and was pretty much ‘sold’ on a synthetic wig due to it’s easy care and maintenance. Also the cost.

But when she scoured numerous wig shops in Los Angeles, she realized that not only did none of these stock wigs look like her, they were all made for average size heads. (Hers is large).

I think a too tight wig would feel even worse than too tight shoes. Plus they were mostly pretty tacky looking.

So on the recommendation of her oncologist she went to Piny Beverly Hills. This man makes custom human hair wigs (to fit your head) and only uses ‘virgin’ human hair from Russia and Sweden. (This is hair that has never been colored or treated with chemicals in any way).

She liked his attitude and his wigs were beautiful works of art. He guaranteed to make her look like herself, even though she would be totally bald after the chemo.

Piny, who is Israeli, is world renowned and people from places other than Los Angeles /Beverly Hills come just to have him make their wigs. He also takes care of the washing and styling that is necessary every few weeks.

For any of you readers who have someone in your life who has this terrible disease and is looking for something to make them feel good about themselves, this is it. It is much better to shop for a wig before you lose all your hair; plus it takes four weeks to have a custom wig made.

Expensive, but Jody told me that he makes wigs for three or four cancer patients each week, not just celebrities. Plus if you are used to having your hair cut and colored in a beauty salon, you don’t have to do that for a year or so.

So while this blog is called “Money Saving Secrets of a Hawaiian Jewish Princess”, I don’t think this is even a slightly economical way to ‘save money’.

Piny’s celebrity clients include:
• Paula Abdul
• Pamela Anderson
• Paris Hilton
• Anne Heche
• Amanda Bynes
• Cher
• Gabrielle Anwar
• Kelly Clarkson
• Tom Cruise
• Camilla Belle
• Faye Dunaway
• Shirley Maclaine • Chelsea Handler
• Kristen Dunst
• Mary McCormick
• Carmen Elektra
• Jillian Barberie
• Lauren Sanchez
• Emilio Estevez
• Bridget Fonda
• Melanie Griffith
• Kimberly Hefner
• Helen Hunt
• Nancy O’Dell
• Dolly Parton
• Molly Ringwald
• Julia Roberts
• Freddie Rodriguez
• Carole Bayer Sager
• Sharon Stone
• Trudi Styler

Movie credits include:
• American Buffalo – Dustin Hoffman
• Rain Man – Tom Cruise
• Pulp Fiction – John Travolta
• 48 Hours – Brian James
• Men at Work – Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez
• The Brave – Johnny Depp
• Blade Runner – Brian James
• Point of No Return – Bridget Fonda
• Planet of the Apes 2 – Kris Kristofferson
• Shining Through – Melanie Griffith
• ∑Hot Shots Deux- Charlie Sheen
• He Said She Said –

In order to offer his clients expanded services and convenience, PINY has opened a second studio in the stylish Sherman Oaks Galleria on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.