Brilliant colors, sharp performance. The best part is that they are color coded. Green for paring, yellow for citrus, red for tomato, fuschia for meat etc.

My knives are dull and need sharpening. Using dull knives is actually dangerous. They tend to slip and a cut with a dull knife is much worse than a cut with a sharp one.

It is a real pain to take the knives in to be sharpened, leave them and come back another day. In the meantime you don’t have any knives to use. Plus it is expensive to have knives sharpened.

Around Christmas time there is a knife sharpening man in Honolulu. His name is Santa and he looks like Santa. He proudly showed me his driver’s license.  He lives in Oregon and ‘vacations’ here every year around the holidays.

He comes to your house and has a knife shapening machine in the trunk of his car. He really does an incredible job. Last year I had all my knives sharpened for $20.

When he is done with a knife, he runs it over the hair on his arm and it comes right off. (The hair not the arm). Voila!

For $29.95 I got a whole new set of Komachi knives. Costco does it again. I think this would make a great Christmas present for just about anyone. Man or woman friend, aunt or uncle, mother or father, sister or brother.

This knife set would also make a good wedding gift or something for The Boss. And especially for that impossible person who has everything. I bet they don’t have this. And the packaging is very nice. Not so easy to mail, however.

If you plan to mail this, here is what you do. Carefully take the box apart and you will find that the knives are sealed in a neat plastic holder. Now you have an almost flat package and if you either fold over or cut away the blue knife and put this in separately this will fit in a medium size priority mailing box.

These are stacked up near the entrance of Costco as you walk in, right next to all the other ‘can’t live without’ goodies.

(By the way, right now just down the aisle is a very good Bordeaux wine from France for only $10.99 a bottle.)