Who would have thought ten years ago that brown nail polish would be ‘in’ in 2011. It used to be just Red, Red. Red.

I remember when the only nail polish was Revlon. And names of the colors were very romantic. (Like Cherries in the Snow).

Now there are a jillion brands and part of the fun is wearing a polish with a great name. This way when someone asks you what color you are wearing, you don’t have to say #327

Funny: One of the top cosmetic companies Armani uses numbers for their lipstick colors. #400 and #401 are all time favorites if you want a $30 lipstick.

When I was wearing ‘only red’, my favorite color was OPI’s nail polish all time biggest seller, “I’m Not Really a Waitress”.

For expensive nail polish there is Chanel. Their pigments and colors are unique and other companies try to copy their latest colors. I remember when Chanel’s Vamp came out. It was a very dark blackish burgundy and it swept the market.

Besides being a very unique color, if you wore it, it was a status symbol. Everyone knew you could afford to pay $25 for a bottle of nail polish.

It changed how people looked at nail color. Now there is OPI and China Glaze, who both are coming out with wild new colors every month.

OPI is a real leader in themes and names. Sometimes they ‘tie in’ with a movie like Burlesque and other times they feature Texas or Russia as inspiration for their names.

Every time I get my nails done I like to select a new color. Last month it was ‘I’m Suzie and I’m a Chocoholic’ by OPI. This was a reddish brown and very striking.

‘I’m Suzie and I’m a Chocoholic’ by OPI

Now yesterday I tried a new shade by China Glaze: ‘Unplugged’. This is a rich deep brown and looks like dark metallic root beer.

‘Unplugged’ by China Glaze

Brown looks good with every color and even compliments black. There are at least fifty browns to choose from. Beige, tan, taupe, cocoa, and on and on. Perfect for fall. Happy Halloween (in advance)