I try to keep up with fashion by reading Vogue, W, Lucky and Cosmopolitan. I am amazed at the prices for some of the ‘deals’. It is not uncommon for a simple little clutch purse to be $198, or a tote bag $225. (not to mention the matching shoes for $895 or more)

I like the look of snake accessories, but no way am I going to spend a fortune to add a little zing to my wardrobe. I check out Nordstroms for styles and colors and after finding that most of their purses are in the four figure range, I head to Aldos.

Aldos is my new favorite ‘go to’ place for fashion handbags. The most expensive one I ever bought there was $50, my every day ‘python’ bag. This is also great for travel and goes with everything, day to night.

$50 at Aldos

People stop me on the street to admire my ‘python’ purse. This is a ‘knockoff’ of a $10,000 Birkin bag by Hermes. And I didn’t have to wait a year on the waiting list to get it.

I just looked up Birkin bags on the internet and found this blue sapphire one in crocodile. I copied the ad below but I left out the part that said, “Add to cart”. (I wonder if they charge for shipping?) Since it says ‘usually ships the next business day’, they must have a few of these in stock.Hermes Birkin Handbag 35cm Blue Sahphire Diamond Porosous Crocodile

Item#: HMbluediamoncroc

Availability: Usually ships the next business day



If this seems a little much, here is another Birkin bag. This one is sort of a high priced knockoff and while I show it in yellow, it is also available in purple, green or gray.


This Birkin is made from original python skin. To produce such a bag under the name of luxury, we have bought many of its leather suppliers to ensure the supply of top notch leather.  This Birkin 30  is one of the emblematic bags from the family, a very feminine, roomy handheld bag which reinvents the famous elements from the first trunks. This Birkin 30 in authentic Pythonskin is only available for custom order, which takes at least 15 days before shipment.

Birkin 30 Features:

  • Real Original Python leather imported from Africa
  • Silver hardware
  • Four protective feet
  • Internal zipper pocket
  • Patch pocket inside
  • Lamb leather lining
  • Extra small dust cover for lock and 2 keys
  • Year code on lock with two keys

Each Original Python Birkin 30 comes with dust cover, certificate card & care booklet, and receipt. All markings and accessories are exact.

Size: 11.8″ x 6.3″ x 8.7″  30 x 16 x 22 cm

Add to Cart: 1

This one isn’t python, but it looks so much like the Birkin bag above I had to show you. This one was also from Aldos and also $50. Maybe I should hook on a little gold charm bracelet.

Great Travel Bag. Lots of zippers and sections. $50 at Aldos

My ‘find’ last year was at Target in Las Vegas. This was a ‘python’ tote bag in a very pretty shade of dusty rose  beige. I think it was on sale for $16.

$16 at Target/Las Vegas

Then over to Macy’s Ala Moana for a clutch to wear out to dinner. I am a good shopper in that I always look for the 75% off table and then use my 15% discount coupon. Or sometimes it is a better deal to use the $10 discount on $25 purchase, if you shop before 1 pm on one of their ‘one day’ sales, which they have quite often.

Sometimes you have to buy two items to reach the $25 amount, but it is still cheaper than just buying one thing for $16. I wound up spending $11 for this ‘python’ clutch. Colors are lavander/grey.

$11 at Macy’s

…to be continued