Friday Night Lights is one of the best TV shows I have ever seen. It is extremely well written and the actors are all amazing. Head writer Jason Katims won an Emmy for best writing in a TV drama series.

I was very pleased when the lead Kyle Chandler, who plays Coach Taylor, won an Emmy for best actor in a drama series. He really deserved this, as throughout the entire sixty or so episodes, he never once faltered in his role as coach. (Also husband, father and friend.)

This show is available on Netflix streaming for the first four seasons, then season five can be purchased on iTunes. Kind of expensive at $34.99, but worth it.

The story, for those of you who are not familiar with FNL takes place in a fictional Texas town named Dillon, which is football crazy. The series is actually filmed in Austin, Texas and it is very realistic. The Texas accents are perfect and the way the coach says, “Genimen” (gentlemen) is 100% Texas.

I have had the good fortune to go to Texas several times. In the 60’s my husband was with Zales Jewelers, who were based in Dallas, Texas. The atmosphere is like no other state and the people are all so proud to be from Texas.

When I was there the big deal was Neiman Marcus. They only had one store and it was in Dallas. One couldn’t go to the Big D without a trip to NM. Now they are all over and even online.

Dillon, Texas is the small D. The main ice cream parlor is Alamo Freeze. Then there is Garrity motors and finally Buddy’s Bar. The best thing about this series is that you get so into the characters that they ‘come alive’. You really care about each and every one.

I am just sorry that this season ended. Maybe like Sex in the City, which ended after nine years, someone will make a movie out of this story, so we can see what happens to these football players when they grow up and get out of high school and college.

This is not to be confused with the movie that came out in 2004.This was also called Friday Night Lights and was more of a documentary, based on the book of the same name. Billy Bob Thorton played the Coach.

This movie dealt more with social issues such as segregation, poverty etc. The series deals with these issues as well, but there are so many sub stories involving the various characters, that each episode has about four or five plots going at once, besides who is going to win or lose Friday’s football game.

If we get a movie with the same actors and actresses in the TV series then we can see what happens to Coach Taylor. his wife Tami and daughter Julie in the coming years. And of course I sure wouldn’t mind seeing ‘bad boy’ heart throb Tim Riggins all grown up.