I published another book. I am so pleased with how it turned out, I just had to share it with you Dear Readers.This is the front cover of my book

It is the story of my dollhouse. How it all started with a four room stock dollhouse, which I bought for $20 at a carnival white elephant booth. And how it grew into a mansion six feet long and three feet high.

I took most of the photos and did all of the writing. A couple of photos were submitted by Peter, so there is some ‘professional photography’ in the book.

I used a company called Mixbook to make this book. It is a very user friendly site and pretty easy to do. There are lots of choices as to size, color and layout. You can easily change the font or use a different size.

I used Comic Sans for my font throughout the book. I changed the size for the cover title, but otherwise it is pretty much all the same.

As far as book size, you have lots of choices. I selected the largest size available as I wanted my photos to be as clear as possible. All of my subjects were 1/12 scale. Except for my miniature doll houses within my dollhouse. Those are 1/144 scale.

I chose a ‘coffee table’ size ll x 14 and I made my book 21 pages long. If you are interested in creating one for yourself, figure on approximately $50 plus shipping. I had a Groupon, so it really didn’t cost me quite that much.

Also, once you place your first order, you will get an offer for 20% off your next order. I was going to order two more books anyway for my children and grandchildren to enjoy.

This is the back cover of the book