Actually the Sunday paper used to be something I really looked forward to. Now that Honolulu is a one newspaper town and the worst newspaper bought the best newspaper, it is not that great.

The Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin merged and became the Star Advertiser. I doubt that I will ever get used to having just one paper. The best parts are the inserts. Longs, of course always has a good ad. And I usually like all the coupons in the weekly ads.

I used to love to read the classified Miscellaneous For Sale. It is amazing the stuff that people sell. Over the years I have found Louis Vuitton luggage and other such goodies.

I remember in 1977, I was married to hubby #2. We got two newspapers. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. When my children came home from school, they always read the afternoon paper. He didn’t like anyone reading his paper before he did, so I ordered two afternoon papers to be delivered.

Besides the fact that we had an awful lot of newspaper in the house each day, he refused to ‘pay’ for any of the papers. After a few years of this nonsense, I realized that this was not the only problem in our marriage. Voila!

Over the years, the Sunday paper has always been a tradition. In 1982 when I lived in Makawao, Maui, there was no delivery service. Hubby #3 would drive down the hill from Haleakala to the town of Makawao to get the Sunday paper.

When I lived in Mexico, the only Sunday paper in English was the Los Angeles Times. Someone would drive over the border to San Diego at five a.m. and then drive back with a stack of papers. If you didn’t get to the Pharmacia right at eight a.m. when they opened, the papers would be all gone.

In Las Vegas, the Sunday paper cost $2.50 ten years ago. The name of the paper was the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Everyone called it the RJ.

I sold timeshare in hotels and resorts and I always worked on Sunday. I picked up a paper at the front desk and I would take it to my office to enjoy it. Then people who didn’t buy their own paper would descend.”I just want the crossword puzzle.” or “Could I just have the Sport’s Page?”

The best Sunday paper in the world is the New York Times. I remember an autumn day in New York in 1980. I spent almost the entire day in my hotel room savoring the Sunday Times.

My son in law is a crossword puzzle fan and he subscribes to the Sunday New York Times strictly for their famous puzzle.

Now that the newspaper is the Star Advertiser, we get the New York Times crossword puzzle on Sunday. That is just about the only plus I can think of. Having a monopoly of the press is really not a good thing for the people of Hawaii.