Actually I should probably say, Only in Hawaii and Alaska. I get so angry with companies that advertise online that their shipping is only… and then when you fill out the ‘ship to’ part of your order, that number changes to something else.

This one takes the cake. (So to speak.) I am a big fan of the TV series ‘Son’s of Anarchy.’ So is Peter. As our fifth anniversary is coming up, I was looking for something fun and unusual to give him. When I saw these temporary tattoos, I thought this would be different. Two for $15.95 and $5.95 for shipping.                                            Temporary tattoo

I painstakingly filled out the order and as soon as I got to the ‘state’ part of the address, the $5.95 shipping charge magically changed to $31.43. Really.

Now this is for two temporary tattoos, which can’t weigh over three ounces max. For $20, this was a cute ‘joke’ gift. For $50 it isn’t a joke.

The same thing happened when I ordered him a Son’s of Anarchy tee shirt. The shirt was $29.95 and the shipping was $31.43. I wonder where that strange amount comes from?

For the shirt, I had it shipped to my daughter in California and she will put it in an envelope for me. But just on principal, I don’t think I will do this again.

I really don’t ‘get’ it. So many companies offer free shipping, or flat rate of $5.95 which I totally understand.

There is a very interesting site called Pin Up Girl. If you are into vintage clothing and accessories, check it out. They have unique gift items. I wanted to order a vintage key chain that I saw in a magazine. (El Dorado key chain, with plastic motel tag from the 50’s)                                         Cute ‘stocking stuffers

So I looked it up, several different ones, all $12 each, filled out order, and $5.95 shipping became $31.43, just as soon as I filled in the state.

As this is an item I can obviously live without, I didn’t press ‘Place Order’.