I did it! A whole year of blogging! One a day!

Today is day 365. When I started I didn’t know if I could think of something new to write about every single day.

When I look back over the year, it has been a fun experience. I think I will continue. Plus, you Dear Readers are probably hooked by now and I can’t disappoint any of you loyal fans.

I even had a book made of the excerpts from this blog.

Excerpts from my blog on WordPress.com from September 2010 to March 2011

I sure would love some comments giving me some ideas of what you would like me to write about.

I have blogged about my dollhouse, recipes, beauty tips, travel, my tattoo, movies, tv, books and music. I may have to go back to some of these subjects and write something else along the same lines.

When you are a retired senior citizen, you are not in the workplace, or hanging out at bars, so you don’t have funny ‘work’ stories or ‘bar’ stories. I have been in a committed relationship for five years and so I don’t have a zillion crazy ‘dating’ stories.

I had a few of these ‘crazy’ dating stories when I first went on the internet dating sites. But that is a whole ‘nuther post someday.

Today one of my girlfriends is having a birthday. She will be 78, she thinks. She has been lying about her age for so many years, that she couldn’t quite remember what the real age was. I am taking her to lunch and a movie.

I called California Pizza Kitchen to make a reservation for lunch. Guess what? They don’t take reservations. Walk ins only. Really.

The good news is that we both qualify for the senior discount on movie tickets. However, I always order the kiddie combo as my movie snack. This is a perfect size. Popcorn, drink and a candy choice all in a cute little box.

I always opt for Junior Mints and pour these on top of the popcorn and eat them together. I have been on a diet now for about six weeks. I have lost almost ten pounds, so I may only eat half a box of Junior Mints. (And have an apple for dinner).

Whoops! She just called and cancelled. Not feeling well. That is the problem with having ‘old’ friends. They say the best way to make yourself look young is to hang out with older people, but I’m not so sure about that.

Heard a funny joke: Two old men in a nursing home are talking. One says,
“I’m going to get married” The other one says,” Is she pretty?”

“No, she isn’t at all pretty.”

“Well, is she a good cook?”

“No, she doesn’t know how to cook.”

“So, does she have money?”

“No, she is really poor.”

“So why are you marrying her?”

“Because she can still drive.”

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post all year, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. My money saving tip for the day/week is to be sure to check those coupon codes when you order anything online.

All you have to do is search Google for ‘coupon code for …’ and lots will show up. Choose the one that will work best for you. Free shipping, 20% off, buy one, get one free, or?

Also make it a ‘must do’ and only shop online when your site is having a ‘special’ offer. Sephora always has good gift with purchase. Plus you get three free samples with every online order and free shipping if your total is $50.

Be sure to sign up to be a Beauty Insider and you get even more free stuff. By the way today is the first day of Neiman Marcus Beauty Event. If you spend $100 in their beauty department in the next week, you will receive the tote of  your choice filled with lots of great free samples of upscale fragrances and creams.

I have made coupon codes and free samples a Happy Habit and I figure with all the money I’ve saved over a year, I could probably spring for a couple of ‘free’ $50 shopping sprees at Sephora. Except I haven’t actually kept track, and I shop at Sephora all the time anyway.