What in interesting idea. Shattered Nail Polish! This is a black polish that you put over whatever color nail polish and it ‘shrinks’ so it gives a look of shattering.

This is best over a bright color like green, red, blue or purple. (Yellow or white?) It is sort of dull, so you have to put a top coat over to give it a gloss.

I think it would be fun for Halloween. Peter said, “Eeek” when he saw it. I think orange nail polish with black shatter over all, would be fun for Fright Night with the grandchildren.

I’m flying to be with the children for Halloween. Wonder if nail polish is allowed on the airplane? I guess I could get some when I get there. Isn’t this ridiculous?

This is by OPI and I got it at Nordstroms Rack for $7.97. Sephora carries it at $9.50. They have a new one called Blasted. This is the same idea but it is silver.

I know it is silly, but sort of fun to try new stuff. I think it would be good on toenails. Maybe a hot color like bright red, with black shatter.

I just went to the beauty parlor and it seems that this polish is all the rage. It now comes in red shatter, royal blue shatter and tourquoise shatter. I got the royal blue.

But thought I’d be conservative and have my nails done with black shatter over white.

I have a hot pink bathing suit. I am planning to wear it on my ‘winter’ vacation. Think I’ll do my toes in hot pink and ‘shatter’ them. Should look good by the pool.

Speaking of color. Dior has a beautiful mascara in royal blue. I know that sounds ‘over the top’ but really it is very nice with dark brown eyes. If you put it on over bare lashes it is more blue, but it you put it on over black, it is a little more subtle.

If you want to be a little more ‘crazy’, you can take your thinnest brush and use it as a liner also.

You only live once.

What do you think?