Every now and then I see something that I must share with you Dear Readers. Everyone needs a laugh now and then.

I have no idea how many people are in this ‘pool’ waiting for a man made wave. When I was a child we were not allowed to go swimming in a public pool during the summer, for fear of catching polio.

The last time I saw children playing in the water with innertubes was in Helen, Georgia on the Chatahootchie River. The children (and adults) would lie across a big black innertube and float down the river.

This is called Tubing on the Chatahootchie and you can look up Helen, GA online to read all about it. I think about a dozen or so went down the river at one time, to be picked up a mile downstream by the other half of this tour.

The water is cold and clean and constantly moving, not stagnant like a pool.

I wonder how clean this water is? Do you think any of these children would actually pee in the pool?

Here is a photo of a swimming pool in China. Doesn’t this look like fun?