I have been very frustrated as I don’t have any more rooms to add to my doll house. It is already six feet long and three feet tall. Plus I have added a couple of rooms to the right of the house, on another shelf.

Peter said this is his favorite room, so here he is doing laundry.

Peter came up with a great idea. How about a basement? I have a second shelf that I could use, so I put my imagination to work. The space available was ll x 14. It had to be about eight inches high for the ceiling to look right. I looked for a box that was around that size. Nothing.

Then I found a box at Costco. It was cut up, so I had to beef up the sides with other cut up cardboard boxes. Still not right. So I covered it in wood contact paper.

Still too flimsy looking for a basement. So I glued wood strips on the outside and inside to make it nice and thick. Usually I make everything, but I didn’t know how to make a stairway or a washing machine.

So these I ordered, along with the grey flagstone floor, which is a plastic sheet. I made a rug outof a piece of tapestry fabric and rolled in up in the corner (right back behind the sink, which I also ordered).

I had some broken wood from my wood project, so this went in a pile under the stairs. I left the banister off of the stairway ‘kit’ and broken pieces of banister got added to the wood pile.

Way in the back left is an old juke box, a rocking horse and some luggage. I had the ironing board in the sewing room, so I borrowed it for the basement.

Still to come is the dryer, which is backordered. I don’t know where it will fit. May have to do some rearranging. The walls look a little bare, will have to add some things to the walls. Photo at bottom will show additions, including more stuff on the shelves and an old birdcage.

I made the box of Tide out of an ad for Tide and some cardboard. The little lanterns are mini Christmas tree ornament/tie ons.

I bought the white stepladder and the black metal folding chair. I had the cats from my cat collection.

I made the green garbage can (complete with garbage) out of a little container that something came in. It even has a foot pedal/to open the lid.

The water heater is an upsidedown body lotion bottle with a flexi straw painted with dark silver nail polish for the water pipe.

All in all, it is pretty cute. I’m not really sure what all goes in a basement, as here in Hawaii, none of the homes have basements. I think the floor looks a little too clean. May have to drip some paint here and there.

I live in a forty floor high rise condo and our ‘basement’ is the parking garage.

Note added wall hangings, birdcage, little red wagon and hammer on wall.

Oh, yes, the brown picture frame was shiny gold till I painted it.

Now I am looking at the photo and the floor looks entirely too clean for a basement. What it needs is a little spilled paint. So see final photo below.